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Average Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Manager salaries for job postings in Grenada, MS are 18% higher than average Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Manager salaries for job postings nationwide. The Grenadian leader, accompanied by members of the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), met this morning with Clear Harbour CEO and Managing Partner, Lee Waters, Managing Partner - Tut Smith, General Manager, Jeffrey Malchow and the company’s Administrative Manager, Claudia Downes. The Prime Minister reaffirmed his government’s willingness to work with and support investors willing to invest in Grenada, noting that his administration has taken various measures designed to attract new investment to the island.
Twelve brands from the region, including Clarkes Court and Westerhall Estate from Grenada also took advantage of the opportunity to present and taste their finest rum selection with journalists.
Visiting spirits professionals from the US and Canada were recently introduced to regional rum producers through brand presentations and tastings that showcased the quality, diversity and versatility of rums under the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque.

General Manager of Grenada Distillers, Lester Andall and Damon Dubois Marketing Manager of Westerhall Estate were on hand to talk to journalists about the company and undertake a tutored tasting of their most premium rums. The event which took place in the Dominican Republic was part of the educational campaign for the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque and brands. Thirteen (13) opinion leaders from the spirits industry in North America were present to learn about Authentic Caribbean Rum brands and the Marque of quality and provenance and the importance of the rum industry in the socio-economic development of the region.
Andall of Grenada Distillers said, “Grenada has a long history of rum making, and we think our Old Grog premium offering reflects some of this rich history and heritage”. The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is encouraging Grenadians to reward themselves with a Staycation!.

Employment Outlook Brightens for Veterans Unemployment among veterans is improving as multiple initiatives connect veterans with jobs, federal statistics show. Study: 65% of New Jobs Will Require College Education A recent report claims by the end of 2019, two-thirds of available jobs will require some college-level education.

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