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Third, improvements in technology imply that, other things equal, federal police, firefighting, and air-traffic-control jobs may have become physically easier to conduct.
Managerial workers at this firm are compensated by less than their productivity during the early part of their careers and compensated by more than their productivity later. The technology used in executing jobs in many of the occupations under consideration is much better today compared to 3 or 4 decades ago.
Personnel shortages in key jobs that must be executed on time provoke the imposition of mandatory overtime. The improvement in general health and abilities of those aged between 55 and 65 in general may imply that mandatory retirement at these ages is unfair for a growing number of workers who retain the ability to execute their jobs competently but cannot transfer their skills to other occupations—such as pilots and air-traffic controllers. Mandatory retirement age rules have been eliminated in most private sector jobs as a result of anti-age-discrimination laws that were introduced beginning in the 1960s. This may mean that jobs that could not be conducted effectively by workers after their late fifties, now can be. Because they spend their careers in jobs requiring specific, non-transferable skills, early job separation now results in longer spells of unemployment or forced retirement despite possessing the ability to conduct their jobs competently. Hence, although better technology makes the jobs easier to perform, it could require more rather than fewer skilled workers.

Evidence suggests that older displaced workers find it much harder to find jobs compared to younger workers and suffer larger wage declines upon re-employment.
Evidence suggests that independently of their tenure in earlier jobs older workers have greater difficulty in finding jobs in the private sector. The answer to this question appears to be in the affirmative for those jobs and occupations requiring firm-specific skills—that is, full knowledge of company policies, operating rules, personnel, technology, on-going innovations and specific features of the work environment. Thus, jobs involving the acquisition of significant firm-specific skills may exhibit productivity and compensation patterns such as those shown in Figure 1.
Not only does newer technology allow jobs to be executed faster and more efficiently, they can be executed with lesser exertion of effort. On the other hand, as the baby-boomer generation retires, many jobs requiring trained and experienced workers will begin to experience shortages. It appears desirable to introduce long-term incentive compensation structures in these jobs similar to those in the private sector.
These job requirements arise in managerial positions where staff must learn the nature of the business over several years.
Those jobs where retirements are mandatory at younger ages will experience acute shortages earlier.

The government's number crunchers try to classify jobs by the typical education level of entry-level workers within the field. Professional groups argue that that nurses with more education are simply better at their jobs.Or consider police officers, who the BLS say only need a high school diploma, but about 30 percent of whom have a BA. Even after the recession hit, Pew found that annually, about 27 percent of BA's stuck in high-school level jobs transitioned to college-level employment.Unfortunately, as Kevin Carey pointed out for The New Republic in 2011, journalists have a have a bad habit of projecting past trends far into the future. In the short term, we're still obviously digging out of the jobs hole left by the recession.
Maybe, as the recession's impact fades, the economy will naturally go back to quickly churning out more jobs for high skill workers, and academics like Beaudry and his colleagues will be proven wrong.

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