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The mobile app also allows users to search and apply for jobs, receive personalised job matching alerts, save their favourite jobs and view their past searches. JobStreet mobile apps are also available for Blackberry and phones with the Android operating system. The government's number crunchers try to classify jobs by the typical education level of entry-level workers within the field.
Professional groups argue that that nurses with more education are simply better at their jobs.Or consider police officers, who the BLS say only need a high school diploma, but about 30 percent of whom have a BA.

Even after the recession hit, Pew found that annually, about 27 percent of BA's stuck in high-school level jobs transitioned to college-level employment.Unfortunately, as Kevin Carey pointed out for The New Republic in 2011, journalists have a have a bad habit of projecting past trends far into the future. And so, as a result, nearly every downturn in the economy has yielded a thick crop of news stories questioning the long-term value of a college degree based on the short-term travails of young grads (as well as the observations of a few carefully chosen economists).
In the short term, we're still obviously digging out of the jobs hole left by the recession. Maybe, as the recession's impact fades, the economy will naturally go back to quickly churning out more jobs for high skill workers, and academics like Beaudry and his colleagues will be proven wrong.

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