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Learn more about the different job opportunities the hospitality management industry has to offer. Lodging, such as hotels and resorts, is one of the largest employers in the hospitality management industry.
The spa and relaxation industry is another area of hospitality where there are management opportunities. Whether you are just getting ready to graduate from high school, or you are looking at a career change, hospitality management may be a career path to consider. Degrees in hospitality management may also give you the skills to work a human resources manager for a variety of businesses in the hospitality field including restaurants, hotels, casinos and spas. Hospitality management students may also want to consider a career path in lodging management. Hospitality management students may also want to consider career paths in travel and tourism management.

As such, it is an ever growing field with many opportunities to develop and obtain management positions. There are many routes you can take within the lodging industry including guest services, housekeeping, general hotel, human resource, and sales management.
These include operations management, general spa management, as well as lead spa professional and technician jobs with supervision over other employees in the spa.
Whether you choose to work in a restaurant, hotel, or catering operation, there are plenty of career paths that can lead to management roles. Getting a college degree in hospitality management gives you the skills needed to prepare you for the wide open field of hospitality.
Lodging management includes hotels, motels, resorts, and any other property that provides lodging to travelers. With a small amount of schooling and a desire to give exemplary customer service, many people can find rewarding management careers in the hospitality industry.

The size and type of lodging may determine how much experience and education is needed to obtain a management position.
Management opportunities can include venue managers, house manages, technical supervisors, production managers, and events managers.
However, casino management can be one of the most lucrative positions in the hospitality field. People working in lodging management positions can expect to make approximately $26,000 to $149,465 a year, with higher salaries being reserved for hotel general managers.
They are also in charge of customer relations, facility management, employee relations, and the added responsibility of security.

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