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Even if you've been applying for months, it's important not to get down on yourself, says Hugh Gunz, a professor of organizational behaviour at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. International students face a variety of challenges when looking for work in Canada—during and after their studies. The complexity of Canada’s immigration laws is often a barrier to international students finding employment. Paperwork for the PGWP application can be difficult to fill out and students eligible for the permit may have their application denied if submitted incorrectly. Not all colleges and universities in Canada will offer an internship or work placement in your program, meaning it is the students’ responsibility to find relevant work experience. In most situations, job applicants submit a resume and cover letter and may meet with the employer for an interview. In today’s work force, networking is a significant source of discovering employment opportunities.

The Canadian labour market is constantly shifting and employment opportunities often depend on market needs. Whether you are a current student looking for work or a recent graduate seeking a career, Canadian Citizenship Lawyer can provide immigration advice which may influence your employment in Canada.
Find out what the changes to the Canadian Experience Class means for your immigration chances in 2013 - 2014. International students coming to Canada on a study permit are allowed to bring family members, under certain conditions. However, many of these obstacles can be solved with the correct knowledge and preparation before looking for work. It is recommended to send a letter thanking the employer for the opportunity following the interview. Unlike other countries, Canadian employers expect to see the qualities, capabilities and career highlights that you feel place yourself above your competitors.

He was able to provide insightful strategic direction for our program based on substantive analysis. Here are five tips for solving challenges that international students often encounter when looking for jobs in Canada. Work placements are a great opportunity to have an advantage over competitors in the work force.

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