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So, as I came to Australia, I knew that first thing to do regarding getting a job is to get an australian phone number, australian address and to add it to my resume. Preparing resume was finished – I used one of the free, online CV creators, I asked my Australian friend to check it as I was not sure about my English and I was ready for bombarding my potential employee. Sending application for many, many adds even if you are not sure if this one is for you, is good because you can at least practise job interviews… You learn what is good to say, and what maybe not, that you need to be really happy and full of energy during the interview, and that managers are happy and full of energy all the time, whatever happens, so you have no idea, if your interview went well, so you need to keep searching. Finally I’ve got even two jobs, one in hospitality and second connected with my profession, it took me some time and some nerves, but was worth it. Despite these rosy numbers, the one blotch on the jobs report that has persisted throughout the recession is the stagnation of wages.
Barry James of James Investment Research gave CBS News a heads up about the best industries to check out if you’re looking for a job, or even just looking for hope of getting a job somewhere else.
If people buy up a ton of current homes, that means new ones need to be built, leading to construction jobs.

Reuters reports that this slow growth is slightly impacted by the type of jobs workers are taking.
In addition, rebounds in these fields and in real estate prices mean more consumer spending elsewhere–which leads to more jobs elsewhere. Car makers are increasing production to make supply meet the growing demand for new wheels. The labor-force participation rate, which measures the number of workers employed or looking for a job, also jumped to 62.8% in October.
Per the Wall Street Journal, the declining unemployment rate is reflected in the fact that more jobless citizens chose to enter the workforce rather than exit.
However, the lack of growth in wages leads experts to believe that the Fed will not change its mid 2015 timeline for raising interest rates. During the first week I was applaying only for this cool, interesting adds, which I really wanted to get and after 3 weeks I was sending my resume to almost every add which was somehow combined with my experience.

The main driver of this increase was private services sector jobs, including 52,000 jobs in the leisure sector and 37,000 in business services. Furthermore, household job statistics indicated that 24% of unemployed workers found jobs in October, exceeding the 22.8% from September and representing the highest figure since before the recession in 2008. The slight disappointment was offset by a 31,000 person adjustment increase in last month’s data, which reveals two promising trends in job growth. More importantly, the 31,000 revision to last month’s job report means that the economy has added more than 200,000 jobs for nine straight months, a feat that hasn’t occurred in the United States since the mid 1990’s. It represents a sustained rate of growth in jobs that hasn’t been seen since before the recession.

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