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Articles Facebook is often criticized for privacy holes, unstable API and proprietary standards, but in spite of that, everybody seems to be on Facebook these days.
With this post we hope to give you a better idea of how to establish your personal brand on Facebook and what tools and features you might use to get the most from your networking experience.
A backstage reportage or a video tutorial may be a good way for freelance photographers, make-up artists or filmmakers to present themselves on FB. Choosing a picture for your profile, make sure your vision of creativity and conceptual imagery will be clear to at least ten different people.
The question may arise in your mind after you read this title: “I have my Facebook profile. Both Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups allow you to extend your network activity beyond just communication with friends and use Facebook to promote your business and build a community around some common interest, cause or hobby.
Basically, a Facebook Page is for your brand or entity while the Facebook profile is for your person.
Here is a handy chart that should help you figure out whether to use a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group to promote your portfolio or broadcast your ideas. A Business page, or better known as a fan page, is Facebook’s most effective and versatile tool for business promotion on the world’s fastest growing social network. The following resources should give you some ideas on how to design and manage a Facebook fan page successfully. Now that you know how to create a professional Facebook profile and engaging fan page, you are fully armored and ready to go. Use Facebook Search: if you’re looking for web design related gigs, start from searching for the relevant term on Facebook. Use applications, there are plenty of apps developed for job hunters, we’ll get back to that later in this post. Here is a list of 10 Facebook Pages and Groups to help freelance professionals to find jobs, stay connected with peers and get updated on various aspects of freelance business. Join Onextrapixel on Facebook to stay aware of latest posts and updates on everything web design, development and freelancing. As the title of this Facebook page suggests, it's a space for photography professionals to look for jobs.
To achieve the best results with Facebook, you should have a thorough knowledge of all the capabilities it has. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE.
Heads up Onward Search fans – we’ve improved the look, feel and functionality of our jobs application on the Onward Search Facebook page to better serve our job seekers! First, we optimized the job search tool so you can search all of our listings according to Keywords, Office and Category, which means you’ll find what you’re looking for faster. Then we added a super convenient share option so you can re-post these jobs quickly and easily. Onward Search is proud to make finding and connecting with the best job opportunities for your career easier than ever! This entry was posted in Job Search, Job Seekers, Jobs, Onward and tagged Facebook, jobs, Onward Search. We are excited to announce the launch of our career portal on the Amway Facebook Talent Acquisition page.

Not only can you now search and share career opportunities on this site, you can also look to our Facebook page for valuable information about interview and job seeking skills, career development and updates on relevant trends. Last week I shared with you the variety of management job opportunities that Sodexo offers and how to apply to them through the latest version of our Jobs App. Facebook only gives you 200x600px real estate for visual self-expression (this is going to be changed to 180x540px in the future, according to Facebook). He uses the full space set aside for the picture to place links and even call to action message. If you want to use Facebook for professional networking, then forget about adding "Best Loved Quotes" or "Poker" to your profile. This spell-check extension for Google Chrome and Firefox works anywhere you can type in some text, including Facebook forms.
While Pages is definitely a winning solution for big brands, companies and public figures, the choice between Groups and Pages is not that obvious when it comes to freelance business. Facebook Groups, in their turn, are spaces where small groups of friends and peers can connect, share and express their opinion on a certain topic or idea and where the group is controlled by the entirety of its members.
Although Facebook Groups have two solid advantages over Pages, such as mass messaging and membership restrictions (useful for building strong communities on the idea you spread), a Facebook Page appears to be a more universal and versatile way to present a business, even when it’s in a solo mode. Groups opposition in terms of better choice for a freelancer to present their business, Pages appear to be a winning solution. Continue to read for some useful tricks and techniques on your way to an effective FB page. With Facebook Javascript (FBJS) you can improve your fan page with some interactive elements, such as animated slideshows and web forms. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you make Facebook an integral part of your web working toolkit.
Having a professional profile and attractive portfolio page on Facebook is important, but that alone won’t bring you job offers. It’s natural to post links to your projects on Facebook, but always give more than you take if you don’t want to pass for a spammer. Using this feature you can successfully combine professional and personal communications on Facebook. If you are not a lazy social media user, you probably already know that merging Facebook status updates and Tweets is not a clever idea. The following resources provide explicit listings of Facebook apps to help you find a regular or freelance job. By pressing the "Like" button you can have updates from Freelance Switch right in your Facebook newsfeed.
Our goal was to make finding and sharing the best jobs in Internet marketing and interactive design on Facebook easier and more interactive than ever for our users. Your creative, marketing and mobile developer friends will thank you for sharing and introducing them to Onward Search!
The portal allows you to view all available employment opportunities at Amway, see details of the jobs, apply online or recommend and share jobs with other Facebook users and your LinkedIn network without your having to leave Facebook.
You can also look out for events and drawings we will be hosting for potential candidates on the site and ask us any employment-related questions.
Make sure to check back often for available job postings and other information relevant to your employment search and career goals.

Get the latest scoop on news, receive notifications about jobs that match your skills and let Amway know your interested.
Although it’s a common fact that Facebook can be used for business and every new feature causes much buzz in professional circles, the ways it can fit into a freelancer’s promotional activity are still not universally known. However, don’t forget that modern web users don’t actually read - they skim and scroll and look through.
It is more advanced than a built-in browser spell-checker so you could be sure your spelling and grammar is perfect whenever you contact a client or a potential employer via Facebook. Each option may work when it’s just you and your expertise that needs to be established on Facebook. When used wisely, it can work equally well for promotion and building awareness around various causes.
Groups however, especially, with the new functionality recently released by Facebook, may work well as a subsidiary connection platform, which you could use to create productive groups and collect feedback on everything that matters in your career (e.g.
However, if it happens to be too much for you, or you just don’t want to poke into Facebook API tools, you may use fan page templates that have been commonly offered around the Web lately. Besides, Facebook plays an important role in social search, that’s why it makes sense to think about optimizing your Page content so that it could be better found by users. Facebook Insights shows some statistics on your fan page, but it’s limited to information about interactions with your fans. The London-based web development company WebDigi posted a useful tutorial on using FBJS along with FBML for custom fan pages on their blog. For external promotion of your Facebook fan page there is a solid gallery of social plugins available. Another reason to become a fan of AllFacebook page - by hitting "Like" you get a free ebook "How to Attract Millions of Facebook Fans". Make it easy for them to familiarize themselves with you as a person by using bulleted lists, sub-headings and short sentences.
Think of the Photos section as not just a place for personal pics: create albums to show some work, reports from conferences and workshops and whatever else you think will be of interest to your audience. If it’s just playing Farmville and communication with friends you are on Facebook for, then a profile will probably be all you need.
Moreover, they generously shared the .fbml examples of a contact form, a carousel slideshow and sub-tabs that are in use on the company’s fan page.
However, sometimes you may need to post the same message both on Twitter and Facebook and that’s where Selective Tweets comes in handy. Sendible is probably the ultimate solution for that: you can schedule Facebook Status, Facebook Post, Facebook Pages and Groups updates with link previews. In case you’d like to leverage Facebook for business purposes, then you might want to take advantage of specific products and features Facebook offers for this.
However, by aggregating your data from your website and other social profiles on Facebook, you risk driving your audience away from your website or blog. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it’s a planned step (read Facebook Matters More Than Your Company Website).

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