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Now Border patrol is placing ads in Spanish language border newspapers announcing ““Warning!
Epa03653009 Spanish Demonstrators Attend A Protest Action By The Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Just over 550 verbs are conjugated like colocar, and for half the month of August a new irregular AR verb is featured each day to enable you to consolidate the AR verb family. I find that the fastest and easiest way to learn REMEMBER new Spanish words is with memory trigger cartoon pictures.

YOU can easily add similar daily Spanish verb lessons to YOUR website - free by copying and pasting some code we give you.
You can more easily remember words and verbs like the Spanish for place colocar using the techniques of the world's Memory Masters. Before you go, be sure to SUBSCRIBE NOW to get your FREE email Learn Spanish Newsletter below.
Spanish learning Made Fun and Fast with your free Daily Spanish Verb Lesson on the Spanish verb colocar.

Free Daily Spanish Lesson Online - the verb in Spanish for place is colocar - fully conjugated.

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