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At the same time, however, median earnings remain in line with those posted last year, indicating that veteran logistics managers should not expect the same pay incentives.
Our survey reveals that while some senior executive positions showed substantial increases over last year, older managers may have seen their salaries peak by age 54. Management peers will be raising the bar, however, expecting aspiring workers to demonstrate thought leadership when in comes to the introduction of new technologies and strategic human resource initiatives. Job satisfaction continues to hold sway with veteran managers, who may be seeking to find balance in their lives as they reach the end of their earning cycle. While the generation gap may be closing, our survey indicates that a similar trend is not taking place with women in logistics this year. Amber Hilt, a logistics and warehouse manager at Abaxis AVRL in Kansas City, notes that her veterinary reference laboratory has put her on a terrific career track.
Hilt, who has been in logistics management a little more than 10 years, continues to pursue higher education.

Julie Wanstedt, marketing manager for third-party logistics provider Keller Logistics Group in Toledo, Ohio, likens the challenge of finding logistics managers to the search for qualified truck drivers. Irrespective of gender, says Moss, she wants workers who are detail oriented and dedicated to logistics.
Terry McDorman, CEO of MGRM Associates, an executive recruiting firm in Chicago, agrees that for young men and women, a career path in the logistics and supply chain industry should be showing new signs of life.
According to McDorman, the general impetus behind the increase is that shippers and their companies are finding substantial opportunities for cost savings when fresh human talent is brought aboard to manage inventory, procurement, and optimized transportation service. Mike Burnette, associated director of The Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, says that sincerity and recognition of what it takes to keep logistics managers happy is also changing.
According to Brunette, many logistics leaders scratch their heads trying to figure out the new supply chain recruits, those we define as Generation Y, born between 1977 and 1994. I think that the logistics industry, especially supply chain, is now very advanced and complex.

Patrick Burnson is executive editor for Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review. She adds that managing people is going to be critical in the coming years as more corporations realize how important the function is to the bottom line.
Our local CSCMP roundtable is very valuable for discovering opportunities and common challenges faced by logistics managers. Bruce Arntzen, executive director of the supply chain management program at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. The school currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in supply chain management.

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