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LinkUp reported this week that total job listings from over 14,000 company web sites around the U.S. LinkUp, one of the leading job search engines in the country, aggregates and publishes only job listings found on company web sites (14,190 company sites in February). In terms of the best and worst performing states, Indiana, Oregon, and Minnesota fared the best, while California, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts lost the most jobs. Unlike other job search engines such as Indeed or Simplyhired, LinkUp does not aggregate jobs from other job boards but rather indexes only jobs pulled directly from company web sites themselves.

As a result, job listings found on LinkUp are always current, often unadvertised, and never fake. The total number of job listings dropped by more than 127,000, while new jobs posted to those same company sites dropped by more than 117,000 listings. February stands as by far the worst month of job listing declines since LinkUp started tracking the information in 2008. Only 5 states showed an increase in the total number of job listings, and only 6 showed an increase in the number of new job listings.

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