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Shows total costs, total revenue and the work in progress figure, for the selected jobs for the selected date range. Lists all current jobs that have not had a sales invoice booked to it, shows job name and contact details, start date and a total of all costs booked to it. This is a list of all jobs that have been entered in to the programme, it can be run just for one customer, or all, and include, or not include, archived jobs. Listing every available vacancy in the UK and studying the behaviour of millions of monthly job seekers, gives us a unique insight into employee satisfaction levels and perceptions in today’s job market. Pilots & Oil Riggers have the most stressful jobs in the UK, scoring top for emotional and physical stress. Roles in the IT and Engineering sectors dominate the best outlook list thanks to average wages growing 3.2% since January 2013 and advertised jobs increasing 23% over the same time period.

Instead of listing every single entry, the user can filter for a particular analysis code, supplier, description, or employee for a particular date range. High pressure deadlines, the lowest income growth potential in the survey and long hours pushed these roles to the top the of “worst” list. So we have a scenario where second jobs are justifiable, but maternity leave is persona non grata. When combined with expenses and the opportunity to top their incomes with second jobs, it puts them in a rarified position of income privilege.
This is a staggeringly high figure of greed and a worryingly high amount of money spent towards MPs spending time on other jobs rather than representing their constituents.
Lack of competition, employer demand, rising wages and excellent working environments also resulted in Web Developers being voted one of the most stress free jobs in the UK today.

Low levels of competition, few deadlines and little physical work have resulted in Librarians and Translators being named the least stressful jobs on the market. After MPs voted to maintain their second jobs, yet again the public will just look at politicians and think that they are more concerned about feathering their own nests rather than looking after the interests of their constituents on a full time basis.

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