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Between 1991 and 1996, there was substantial growth in the number of Canadians who were self-employed. Jobs in art, culture, recreation and sport also had a high proportion of part-time workers. A third of recent immigrants were in sales and service jobs compared with just over a quarter of all immigrants. In general, working at home was slightly more popular in western Canada, even with farming occupations excluded.

Overall, 90% of Canadians reported that they did some form of unpaid work in the week prior to the census. The Steve Jobs stamp will appear in 2015, as noted in a document titled The Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee. If there’s one stamp to collect in 2015 you can bet it’ll be a Steve Jobs stamp, which is expected to be the thinnest design ever.
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Jobs in processing and manufacturing accounted for 15.5% of the recent immigrant population. Joining Jobs for 2015 is the Peanuts cast, Elvis Presley and Johnny Carson to name a few other notables.

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