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Fake profiles that gather personal details and lead users to dangerous websites are spreading at a faster pace on LinkedIn. As many users speak English and a native language, the scam aims at most countries in the world especially the US, where over 84 million users are active on LinkedIn.
The bogus profile of “Annabella Erica” was already injected into authentic LinkedIn groups such as Global Jobs Network, which includes 167,000 users worldwide. Employment scammers require victims to pay in advance for attractive jobs, usually work-at-home scams. Use a search engine to check if the picture of your new recruiter isn’t spreading on other web sites as well.

Employment scams are sometimes backed by other fraudulent websites, such as fake hotels, which often include a Career section. Recent documents leaked by former NSA employee Edward Snowden showed that fake LinkedIn profiles are also used for spying at higher levels. Amid research into the growing scams on the professional social network, antivirus software provider Bitdefender has detected a new virulent campaign that lures victims with exciting job offers from an attractive female recruiter. Members of the social network are now sharing insights on more than 2.1 million groups, so the number of victims exposed to the scam could be a lot higher. When you’re recruited for a new job, make sure you are the one who gets paid, not otherwise.

The UK Government Communications Headquarters allegedly set up fake pages on LinkedIn and other websites to spy on communications companies across Europe.

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