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I have been an avid LinkedIn user since 2005, using the system as a means to drive both the recruiting and business development aspects of my business.
One of the first things I learned about Recruiter was that a subscription required an annual contract — a scary proposition for a small business owner with an untested service.
With a Premium Account on LinkedIn, you can search the profile database and return results of users you are 1st and 2nd degree connected to, share a group with, and that’s about it.
With Recruiter, the entire LinkedIn profile database is exposed, regardless of your connection to that user. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any specific questions about the solution – I had trouble finding testimonials when I was going through my buying cycle, so hopefully this post will help you decide whether or not LinkedIn Recruiter is right for you. It is still not very clear to me what a recruiter seat offers, that a personal business plus account don’t.

I think you can get by with just the personal business account, and I will think twice about renewing the Recruiter seats when my year contract is up. I no longer use Dice or Monster – LinkedIn Recruiter gives me access to a massive talent pool, and I am a big fan of Indeed Resume as well, which I highly recommend.
The main driverto move the recruiters from Dice ( that we currently using) to LinkedIn would be a Bulk In-Mail feature that you described so well.
The biggest issue these days is the sheer # of recruiters using Recruiter to send mass emails, and how it has over-saturated the market, at least in the technology space I work in here in the US. Although other ATSs offer more specialized organization software, nothing beats the candidate base already compiled by LinkedIn. We are looking at this currently as well but the pricing we are getting is just over $9000 per year for 1 seat of Linkedin Recruiter and 1 job slot.

I’m afraid that 50 emails ( that come for free with a seat ) would be consumed by a recruiter in 30 minutes. I had heard that with Recruiter, you don’t get access to the candidates email address or other contact details, you have to use inmails only. For me the most interesting part of recruiting in linked in would be the search profile function and the possibility to connect with potential candidates.

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