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Another feature that makes LinkedIn different from other social networks is section skills in your profile.
Whether you are youngster trying not to put a foot wrong in a business world or you are an adult with rich experience LinkedIn will open you a new horizons in your professional communication and development. Many people seem to be puzzled by this and you may have received notifications telling you about endorsements from people that you don’t even know or even worse endorsing you with skills of experience you don’t possess. You may use your Linked - In profile for an online resume, highlighting your livelihood experience, skills and qualifications.
Take a couple of tips in the official Linked - In blog to produce a good Linked - In profile. IF you are interested in making connections it is appropriate to give more information about your skills and interests.

This information helps employees to show to LinkedIn recruiter their best competences and to find the most attractive job position. I suggest that if you are serious about making sure your profile reflects your true skills and expertise you should take a look at managing your endorsements. It may also be obvious that you have forgotten to add skills you wish people to endorse you for. At the next stage LinkedIn helps you to fill the bars that are useful for escalating the communication in social networks.
Also LinkedIn Login gives other users opportunity to endorse and provide commentaries on other users skills. Other users do a similar, thereby allowing Linked - In to group members by company and allowing you to look for and connect for a past and current colleagues.

When you're on Linked - In, you will find there's few different ways you'll be able to do this. Click and deselect the checkbox inside the pop-up window to take out your activity updates on the Linked - In news feed that appears on. Writing a summary to get a Linked - In profile requires that you keep a few extremely important things in your mind.
It means that you can use your LinkedIn home page as a resume when you are seeking the job.

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