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Profile badges have the potential to attract more attention to your account, and the Job Seeker badge in particular may be a better way to announce that you are looking for a job than adding it to your headline or summary in some way. I chose to add the Job Seeker and Open Link badges to my profile and it took some time for them to appear. Similar to other LinkedIn Groups, this community includes a searchable discussion forum, list of members, and variety of job postings.
There are a lot of missed opportunities for professional networking before graduating and beginning a job search, and LinkedIn is just one way to help build these relationships. The upgrade also includes stats related to how many times your profile appeared in a LinkedIn search and the keywords that were used to find you.
If I were on the job market, it might be worth looking at that field a little closer to see if my qualifications matched current openings. Choose from among a general premium badge, a Job Seeker badge, and the Open Link badge, which indicates that you are open to contact from those outside your network.
Members of this group share their own tips, success stories, and lessons learned, as well as ask questions about LinkedIn and the job search process in general.

These tools allow you to engage in more strategic use of the network as you locate other profiles in your industry, build your network, and set up ongoing searches for jobs that match your needs and qualifications.
Overall, the premium services offer a good immersion into the LinkedIn system with lots of prompts and tips to develop a complete and effective profile. LinkedIn has many benefits related to professional networking and career exploration, outside of a traditional job search, and you can take advantage of most of them with a free account. Before you decide whether or not to pursue LinkedIn, search for people and companies in your field of study or work. LinkedIn is still available to you with a free account, so if finances are too tight for a premium upgrade, make the most of the basic options as part of your overall career development and job search strategy. In addition to students and job seekers at all levels, LinkedIn members also include employers and recruiters.
And if you’ve tried LinkedIn Premium in the past, consider sharing your experience and recommendations with us here. When I asked my connections about the benefits of LinkedIn Premium, this feature was mentioned as one of the most helpful.

If you are in the midst of a job search, this could be a good jumpstart to establishing your profile and leveraging the network. Work with your school’s Career Center for advice about LinkedIn and access to host of other related services.
The trial program I am most often offered is more appropriate for businesses and employers, so I signed up instead for Job Seeker account.
I chose the Basic option for $19.95 per month, but there are two other options – Job Seeker and Job Seeker Plus – with increasing numbers of features and higher fees.

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