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If you're looking for a new job, you likely know the type of company you'd want to work for. Saving job searches—or individual jobs—is a great way to keep tabs on the status of your applications and the job itself.
If you click on the name of the person who posted the job, you’ll see that you may have a number of options.
The vast majority of LinkedIn profiles are “public,” meaning that they are published on the web.
If a LinkedIn profile is published to the web, it can be found by using Internet search engines. This is especially helpful for those who have relatively small networks and for those who do not pay for premium access to Linkedin. However, if you use the above X-Ray search format to target a company and specific titles in a specific location (as we just did), you will be able to see ANY public profile and potentiall identify recruiters, HR professionals, and perhaps even hiring managers at companies you are targeting as potential employers.

You can take the X-Ray search one step further and try to target people with specific current titles. I am surprised by how many people are unaware of LinkedIn’s robust company research functionality. They came up in my search on LinkedIn previously, but I happen to have a relatively large LinkedIn network. Additionally, here is where you click on the location (Greater New York City Area) to find ALL profiles of current J&J employees on LinkedIn.
Here is where you can enter keywords, titles, and even narrow the zip radius to find people who may be helpful to your job search if you are interested in employment with Johnson & Johnson. On top of all of that, you now know how to leverage LinkedIn’s robust company research features to find companies in your area and then drill down to people you might want to connect with to help you in your job search. Not only do you not have to have a large network of connections on LinkedIn, there are MANY ways to leverage LinkedIn to find a job.

In the case of my search for jobs with the title of “accountant” within 25 miles of 10001 in NY, I went from 7 jobs posted on LinkedIn to 1,110 on the web through SimplyHired!
And when you use a search engine to X-Ray search into LinkedIn, LinkedIn has no idea who you are, so it cannot prevent you from seeing people who are not in your network. You can also see that LinkedIn will tell you if any of the companies matching your search criteria have jobs – sweet! I bring this up because there are other job postings you can find through LinkedIn that are free to post as well as jobs that are posted to the Internet – not LinkedIn.

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