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Before you dive into the world of LinkedIn ad campaigns, check out these 4 tips for success. As organic reach on social media flickers in effectiveness, marketers will turn their attention to the power of paid advertising.If you're new to LinkedIn, it can be fertile ground for B2B companies, for example, looking for qualified leads. Of course, results may vary, but the approach can be used, especially for those new to the area. As standard, all new employees are required to complete a National Criminal (including Sex Offender) background check before they are cleared to work at UCO. New Student employees cannot begin work until this paperwork has been completed (including I-9 process) with the HR Main Office (ADM 204) & hiring supervisor has submitted a Student Employment Action Form (SEAF).

If there is no information filled in, then your job description was not brought over to the new system. Alternatively, if your department is using NovaTime, please make sure to visit with your supervisor about having your timecard account created. Define your goalsOne of the first and most important decisions to make when conceptualizing a LinkedIn campaign is deciding what the goal for the campaign is.
With cost per click, your campaign costs will, as the name suggests, hinge on getting clicks (defined as as clicks on the company name, content, or logo).
Target your audienceAnother key element to creating a LinkedIn ad campaign is targeting your audience.

For one, LinkedIn lets users target by job title, company, industry, education, geographic location, and a lot more.
If you want to grow your follower base, it might make the most sense to send people to your actual LinkedIn company page.
LinkedIn will give you a suggested price, say a few dollars per click or thousand impressions, and you have to decide how much you can spend every day of the campaign, to stay within budget.

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