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LinkedIn has announced an upgrade for the Company Pages which includes a new look and some new features. Earlier this month Hubspot published a great post about the new LinkedIn Company Page design.
If you try posting a Company Update on the new page, you’ll notice it has a much different feel. If you don’t currently pay for a subscription to the Careers page, you’ll need to navigate through your Edit page by hovering over the blue box on the top right side of the page where it says Admin tools. When you purchase a subscription for this Careers page, you’ll own a page consisting of a large, clickable cover image that can be transformed into a call-to-action.
The Products & Services section of your Company Page is now featured on the right sidebar, same as the Careers page. Structurally, the new version of the Products & Services page is very similar to the old one.
Previously, you could use the LinkedIn mobile app to only search for people, not companies. While the new LinkedIn Company Page design isn’t dramatically different, the design is certainly more customizable, similar to the business pages of other social networks such as Facebook and Google+. So we talk a lot about Career Websites, and their effectiveness (or not) – and in the Social Recruiting backdrop, Social Career Sites are now becoming rather popular.
For now, I wanted to review the career pages of the largest Social channels used for Recruiting: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The Careers Page gives you a short profile of LinkedIn (in my case LinkedIn Europe) and Jobs I may be Interested in, based on an analysis of my profile, experience etc.

On the right side, LinkedIn shows me how I am connected to them – via 1st level contacts who work at LinkedIn.
When you click the jobs, you see the very familiar job view like all jobs posted on LinkedIn, with options to Apply with LinkedIn or Apply with Resume (via Jobvite). LinkedIn has done really well, and continues to be a dominant Professional Networking platform. The About Us section is on the very bottom of the page and as a result, the brand has to grab the user’s attention with the cover photo or the updates rather than the About Us section that was previously at the top. In other words, no new features have been added; just the look, feel, and the way you navigate a page is a bit different. LinkedIn advises you to “share an article, ask a question, or post a special offer to interested LinkedIn members.” Previously, this space was occupied by a blank box with no such guidance.
Below these highlighted users, you’ll find any videos you’ve added to the page, which were also available in the former page design. This gives companies a better opportunity to create a more branded, unique-looking LinkedIn page that stands out from competitors’ pages.
I have never applied to work at LinkedIn so don’t know what the online application experience is like, but I assume it will be a simple and straightforwardly process.
However, LinkedIn careers site lacks creativity (no I am not interested in flash or heavy graphics) and warmth that you’d wish for, with limited engaging content and a very conservative feel about it.
You still have complete access to your Overview, Careers, Products & Services, and Insights sections of your page, so make sure you’re taking full advantage of them! This has been moved to the very bottom of the Overview page, below the page’s company updates.

Below this image you might see a list of jobs, people at your company, a summary section for your careers, what employees are saying about working at your company, and recent updates. Now, however, they are more aesthetically integrated into the rest of the page’s new design. Now have a seat, as we walk you through exactly what’s changing about LinkedIn Company Pages. You may have also noticed that, previously, LinkedIn’s Company Pages did not allow customization to this extent. The look and feel of this page depends on what information and images you choose to include. This is great news for marketers, and it reinforces the importance of an updated, optimized Company Page. Within the main page, you see lots of recommendations or comments from LinkedIn employees on why you should work for them. I sense this look may be reviewed and redesigned at some point to show more the fun side of working at LinkedIn.

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