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You can enroll in Undergraduate courses in Journalism or mass communication offered by these institutions. Becoming a journalist can be a fun and rewarding job, but getting that job starts with a good education and a desire to work hard.
To become a professional journalist, one should have a graduate degree (B.A) in Journalism. 10th, 2 (Higher Secondary students) with any group as the major or Diploma graduatesin related fields can choose Bachelor degree in Journalism ( B.A ).
You can join Mass communication degree course after your class 12th and after that you can go for Advance diploma in Journalism too.
Mass Communication is a field which requires extensive training catering to the needs of industry. This training also helps the students to realise their potential and to choose a particular field and specialization for their career so learning becomes more interesting, engaging and fun for them. After such exposure has been given to the students, a professional environment is simulated within the institution and independent projects and assignments are given to the students without the supervision of faculty. After such professional simulations through projects and assignments within the Institute, industry exposure is provided to the students through internships, industrial visits, secondments, deputation, live projects and live assignments in industry.
With an increase in the number of media firms around the world, opportunities for journalists have risen in the recent years.
Journalism can be an exciting career for someone interested in gathering, analysing and reporting information. With the media making its presence felt in almost every nook and corner of the world, there is a need for qualified talent to take the media and journalism industry to the next level. There are many different kinds of journalists working in the international media industry today.
A fashion journalist writes about styles and trends for newspapers, magazines and websites.

With a rise in the influence of media conglomerates across the globe, opportunities for well-qualified journalists have definitely increased over the recent years. Students of journalism or media studies can look out for openings as news analysts (news anchors, newscasters), reporters, editors, news correspondents, commentators, columnists, and news writers. For students who have completed their undergraduate studies, its important to gain work experience for at least a short period, before going in for a master’s course in journalism as most universities prefer applicants with work experience.
At the undergraduate level, you could either go the well-trodden mass communication and media studies routes, or go for a more specialised course such as a bachelor’s in Journalism or multimedia journalism. At the master’s level, you could choose a specialist course such as fashion and lifestyle journalism, Sports journalism, Media writing, International journalism, film journalism, broadcast journalism, etc.
For those of you looking at advancing in your careers, and explore high level positions in news agencies and media organisations, a graduate degree is essential. Students aspiring to become successful journalists need to be independent, flexible, creative, possess excellent writing skills, aggressive enough to capture the next breaking story as it happens. By undertaking a media and journalism course abroad, you also have the opportunity to be exposed to non-conventional roles such as a script writer, media planner, account (advertising) executive or supervisor, photojournalist, production assistant, public relations officer, media analyst, Radio Jockey (RJ), and television show host. Most journalism and media careers involve travelling, interacting with people from different walks of life, adherence to tight deadlines, and being responsible in what your are presenting to the audience.
Want to be a journalist Post a genuine news to us we will send you a journalist ICARD to your mailing address. The degree and postgraduate degree courses are offered by private and government colleges in India and abroad.
Theoretical teaching alone is not very useful to build a successful career in mass communication. We consider ourselves to be strategic partners of industry since all of us have been mass media industry professionals before we established IIMM to cater to the needs that we ourselves felt in the industry vis-a-vis the entry level young professionals that industry needs on a regular and growing basis. With the advancement of film, television, advertising, music and radio, the media industry has witnessed a remarkable growth in last few years.

If you want to pursue a career in journalism, the first decision you need to make is what type of journalist you want to become. A sports journalist reports about sporting events and tournaments and are an essential apart of any news media organisation. An ability to handle stress and work under pressure to meet last minute deadlines is essential for aspiring journalists. These courses are ideal for students with a generalist bachelor’s degree and a few years of industry experience. On the Hotcourses India website, you can explore a number of media and journalism courses provided by well-established educational institutions from the UK, the US, and Australia.
The job of a journalist generally comes with a great responsibility and if you want to face the challenge then continue reading. Therefore, we train students in a manner that is required by the industry both theoretically and practically keeping in mind the requirements of the industry.
This reduction in the learning curve for students of IIMM helps the industry to save the money that would otherwise be expended in making them job ready as well as the time that would be required by industry to bring fresh entrants up to speed.
Concepts of podcasting and web journalism are covered by the study of new media, which is the World Wide Web (www). Journalists know the news before anyone else and they have reports filmed and stories written before most people are even aware of the event. A financial or business journalist interprets and writes about the local and international markets, corporate news, personal finance etc.

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