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Buying a table saw is one of the biggest and most important purchases you will ever make when it comes to power tools. To help you determine which of these saws is right for you, I have compared their strengths and weaknesses. Besides that, materials are expensive, and when you ruin even a couple of pricey work pieces with a saw that doesn’t provide accurate cut you will end up paying far more for that cheap saw than you anticipated. Now, let’s move on to a comparison of the DEWALT DW745 Job-Site Table Saw and the Bosch 4100-09 Work-Site Table Saw. As you can see, there are similarities between the DEWALT DW745 Job-Site Table Saw and the Bosch 4100-09 Work-Site Table Saw, but differences, too.
The DEWALT DW745 and the Bosch 4100 both have 15 amp motors, so power shouldn’t be a problem with either of these job site table saws.
The large cutting table surface of the Bosch 4100-09 Worksite Table Saw is roomy enough to handle large work pieces, giving you a ripping capacity of 25”.
The fact is, a table saw is designed to remove a large amount of material in a quick and efficient manner. If you are in the market for a saw that you can easily take from one work site to another, ease of portability will certainly be a big factor in your buying decision. The unique Squarelock fence of the Bosch 4100-09 Work-Site Table Saw is engineered to deliver optimal accuracy and true cuts. The only dislike that I have found about the Bosch 4100-09’s operation is that unlocking the table causes a tab to pop up above the cutting surface.

Dewalt has come out with 3 new compact table saws, models DWE7480, DWE7490X, and DWE7491RS.
Update: an unofficial source familiar with the products has said that the DWE7490X and DWE7491RS saws will feature a tool-free riving knife release lever and much better storage for blade guard and accessory components under the saw. The saws are also said to have increased motor speeds of up to 4800 RPM, compared to 3650 RPM for the older saws. The new portable jobsite table saws look to feature minor tweaks and enhancements compared to the saws they are replacing. I see the added dust port above the blade guard on both of the larger saws, but not on the smaller one. Hopefully Dewalt includes a Y-splitter adapter with the saws, but the information I have seen so far says that vacuum adapters are sold separately.
In shop settings, dust ports that cover table saw blades are often connected to hoses that drop down from the ceiling, or at least a few feet above. Well I know my father in law has an older 745 table saw I believe and he has it setup in his garage and doesn’t move it much and the port above would probably benefit him since he has his setup with a vacuum. Not to be a downer, but it would be nice if one of these companies decided to actually make a stationary contractor’s table saw for less than $1,000.
The types of jobs or projects you plan to use a table saw for will determine which type you buy.
After seeing the features, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which saw best suits your needs.

While both of the saws are technically portable, the Bosch’s wheeled, easy to set up stand will get you to work quickly, without the need to keep track of multiple parts and accessories.
I you’re looking for a light weight saw, the DEWALT comes in ahead since it weighs almost half as much as the Bosch.
The rip saw capacities have been slightly increased on the two larger sizes, compared to the saws they are replacing, but that looks to be about it. I was visualizing how on a router table you can have top and bottom dust ports with no issue.
Choosing a table saw that fits your particular needs and budget can mean the difference in both profitability and frustration level. The large work table, expanded cutting capability, and its Gravity Rise feature (with solid rubber wheels that will go across rugged terrain at a job site) make the Bosch a Cadillac among Pintos, but, of course, that luxury comes with a price tag. The DEWALT wouldn’t require as much muscle to move, but the table is relatively small and it has no wheels.

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