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Even though they are hard to find, there are still many legit, work-from-home jobs out there, and I want to share with you a few that have really impressed me.
Sykes Home at Alpine Access is a fantastic site for people who want to find a legitimate work from home job. And here are a few sites that offer fulfillment jobs, or microjobs, that can really add up to an income.
After a short time doing these odd jobs, you’ll learn which are good deals for your valuable time. My Live Pro – My Live Pro is US based company that occasionally has part-time openings for online chat support agents. Watch my video from Youtube about 4 online chat jobs that pay $9 – $15 per hour or more.
Hello , I saw the video , now I just wanna to know that I need a non technical chat or Email support work in India on hourly basis. This is very helpful I am currently working from home for Asurion and it is a plus minus company to work for. Hi Lashay, Currently working from home as a Brand Ambassador, looking for something a little different. Hello Lashay I live in Maryland and I am looking for a work from home job that I can do without the use of a phone because I babysit my one year old grandson everyday and he can be really loud at times.

Customer service work-from-home jobs have been increasing steadily over the past few years as companies cut their costs and home workers cut their commute. Most of the work is entry-level stuff, but depending on your qualifications, you could match up with several different programs. This is a crowdsourcing site where little projects or jobs are outsourced to the crowds of people. As far as online chat jobs, unfortunately there is not a company that I would recommend for the UK. I sometimes find it difficult to see where on any or these work from home websites have a tab to click on in order to apply.
I worked as Office clerk in my Previous career of a Publishing company but somehow i work also in a data entry for a quiet sometime home based. These jobs do not require any special education beyond a high school diploma, and the company generally trains the worker at home. Please fill in the following information so we can alert the Work editorial team about a factual or typographical error in this story. Big businesses hire Sykes to run and maintain their customer service work, and Sykes hires employees all over the US and Canada for these call center jobs (home office employees like you and me). While Sykes does offer part-time and full-time work from home positions, the weeks you’re in training will be full 40-hour weeks.

I owned my own women’s clothing store for over 25 years but I cannot work on the outside because my husband has the onset of ahltzeimers.
Work-at-home agents perform the same tasks as their brick and mortar counterparts, but in most cases, they can set their own schedules. Most only offer small rewards, but it’s work that can be done very quickly, and the cash adds up. Some companies provide an online chat room where all working agents can gather, or the company may use instant messenger services.
I was looking for a non phone job for that reason, so that I can keep an eye on him plus get my work done. Live trainers use Web conference calls or webinars to present the information to the agent. In training, customer service agents learn company standards for addressing customers as well as basic concepts such as proper protocol for handling complaints, how to verify customer information and when to notify a supervisor.

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