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CopywriterFor companies that would like to hire an in-house copywriter, a marketing minor is beneficial.
While specific majors in college can often pave the way for satisfying, lasting careers in your desired field, it's important to remember that minors also can help you get where you want. Communications JobsMarketing may refer to raising awareness of goods or services, but it can also be helpful beyond advertising and promotions.
Writing JobsIf you're an avid writer, a minor in marketing can also help you pursue this career. Business JobsMarketing minors can also be useful for those looking to enter the business world. Behavioral and Social Science JobsAn education in marketing can help you gain insight into how people think and what grabs their attention.
In an instance where an employer has to choose between you and another job candidate with a similar background, your minor can be just the edge you need to snag the job.
Having a degree in public relations is encouraged and a minor in marketing can strengthen a prospective employer's view of you. Even a small exposure to the ins and outs of the marketing world can help you break pursue many career possibilities.

For example, if you want to take a job in communications, a marketing minor can be beneficial. Learning about marketing often helps students hone their language skills, which is a must for writing success. These minors often offer courses in topics such as international business and business marketing. If this aspect of marketing fascinates you, you might want to explore work that relates to either behavioral sciences or social sciences, such as psychology or sociology. In particular, getting a minor in marketing is worth the extra effort in certain industries. Since the purpose of graphic design is to sell, having a marketing minor to tack onto their natural talent and skill is beneficial to employers who are selling goods and services. Having a marketing minor comes in handy for freelance work or short-term contract assignments and not just because it helps them to be more sellable writers. Public relations and marketing are often linked together, but they are quite different in many ways -- they complement one another well.
Marketing knowledge can help you sharpen your skills in persuasive and public speaking, or it could help to go after a career as a radio personality or a public relations professional.

If the idea of working as a business plan writer or financial analyst strikes your fancy, then a marketing minor might be a strong asset because marketing in general has a business focus.
You may have a major in English or Communications, but the minor in marketing will help you to know how to sell that product or service effectively. Along with applicable experience, having a marketing minor can help employers identify writers who may have a better understanding of reaching their target audience.
Public relations can be done with little or no money at all, but marketing often requires an expense on the business owner's part. Knowing when to use public relations and when to use marketing is the key to wowing employers with a marketing minor and public relations as a major.

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