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This is the Bahamas Tip Top Job site - an online recruitment service for jobseekers to search jobs and recruiters to advertise job vacancies in the Bahamas and worldwide. When asked about meeting people in the Bahamas, one expat in the Bahamas advised, "Rotaract is the Rotary for under 30's (or 35, not sure), and they are very active in the community as well.
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The Humane Society is another very active organization where you will meet a lot of people whom you may then befriend.
The murder rate doubled from 2006 to 2007 and so far in 2008 there has been more than one murder jobs in bahamas week. If you are retiring here, it may be worth looking at one of the out islands as they are truly much more beautiful, and housing costs can be much lower, for much more. That would likely still leave you enough to travel off the island and to Nassau, Freeport, or Florida periodically to shop, stock up, and get off the island.
I have several friends here who have experienced stillbirths or a baby die shortly after birth so with both of our babies I travelled to the U.S.

The National Trust is yet another community oriented organization with a couple major events coming up in October and November, so this is likely a good time to sign up with them as a volunteer. I teach at a prestigious private school and the father of one of my students was kidnapped, a colleague has been robbed at gun point and our local bank was robbed in the middle of the day. The closest Island is 26 miles away.The only travel between islands other than air is by mail boat,they run on a weekly basis," explained an expat living in the Bahamas.
Great idea to come visit first - do consider checking out some of the out islands as well - particularly Eleuthera, the Exumas, Long Island, Cat Island, Abaco, and Andros," advised one expat in the Bahamas. If you like to bike or jog, this is not the place to do it as traffic is abolutely horrible and I have almost been hit by cars while on foot and on a bike, warned one expat.
Home property taxes are less than back home, especially given that the first $250,000 is exempt from PT if the property is owner occupied," explained one expat. I am glad we did it this way because I had complications that the local hospitals may not have been able to handle. If you are interested in becoming involved in the community, joining one of these organizations would be a really great way to meet people - both expats and locals.

Many do not bother unless you live in a gated community where it is mandatory," said one expat in the Bahamas.
Now, where to go - Green Parrot on Paradise island, Green Parrot on Bay Street, the Cricket Club and Beach Club Cafe are frequent local hangouts.
Immigration will not give u guys any problem with her travelling back and forth and she could apply for temporary medical insurance assistance for the pregnancy in the city she currently resides to help defray some of the cost. I strongly suggest you not risk having the baby here even if your girlfriend does her prenatal care her," warned an expat mom in Nassau.
It can't be over a certain temp if they are going to fly on a commercial airline and you have to make sure that the airline you are going to use will allow pets.

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