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The Norwich-based retailer organised an open day at the Hind Hotel in Wellingborough to find staff for its 25 posts. But bosses did not expect the 1,800-strong turnout at yesterday's event, who snapped up every application form and eventually were sent away to download one.The company is holding recruitment days today and tomorrow to interview hopefuls for the coveted positions, which include sales assistants, supervisors and cashiers.
A spokeswoman said crowds were queuing up three flights of stairs in the Hind Hotel to wait for a form.She said usually QD tries to interview everyone who completes an application form but if as many people return today as turned up yesterday, it may not be possible.

There are more than 100 people chasing each vacancy at Staffordshire Police'Having 100 applicants applying for each vacancy means we will be able to find the very best people for these jobs. In a similar scenario, a new sofa shop which advertised just nine jobs was inundated with more than 1,200 applicants.The new branch of furniture superstore DFS is due to open in Bristol on April 14 and had a handful of positions still available. CLUB board release statement as they start rebuilding process for life in the Championship after relegation from the top .

We are now inviting applications from managers interested in managing this great club with first class facilities and excellent young players.

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