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The first step towards nabbing the job you want is knowing how to navigate the application process. Pay attention to job "close date." Most jobs posted online will have a posted closing date.
If there is no close date, a good rule of thumb is to make contact one week after application submission.
If you were declined for the job, before thanking the interviewer, ask what could have helped your chances and if there are any other similar job offerings somewhere else.
Applications received in incomplete or after last date will not be entertained for further selection procedure. Note to our teen readers: For safety reasons, please don't post your email address in the comments section.
Also my parents are divorced and my dad doesn't give us any money for help So please help me I want to show them I have matured into a fine young lady and that I can handle myself after I get old enough to move out so please please please help me find a job. Hi, I'm Joshua, I'm 14 years old and looking for a job to save up money for collage and I can do any job for 6 hours Monday to Saturday during the summer and 1-2 hours during the school year. With a little research, some finely tuned writing, and proactive communication, you can be well on your way to getting that call for an interview.
In order to streamline the job application process, examine what your needs and desires are for employment.
Whether you are transitioning from another field or are looking to make a lateral move, it is important to find work that is both challenging and rewarding for you.
Before you begin sending out resumes and cover letters en masse, look into the companies you are applying for. Speaking to recruiters or hiring managers may be beneficial as well, as they are familiar with the qualities and qualifications employers are looking for.

Though you may not have to provide a list of references right away, it is wise to tap people early to ask whether they would consider being a professional reference for you. Once you have fine-tuned your resume and cover letter, it is time to begin the application process. Online applications vary--some may ask you to fill in fields, while others may require that you attach PDFs of your cover letter and resume. Checking on the status of your application shows your interest in the position and ensures that your application materials have made it to the appropriate person.
With some planning, forethought, and a little practice, moving through the job hiring process will be a snap! Employers and recruiters often scour the internet looking for you, and any negativity they see can push you to the back of the pack.
Plan to arrive at interviews 10-15 minutes ahead of time to allow for any traffic or public transportation issues. She enjoys editing new articles, patrolling recent changes, and interacting in the wikiHow forums.
Food service work is a common first job for high schoolers and a great place to gain people skills. Parents are always looking to keep their young children occupied in the summer while they are away at work, creating a great need for counselors. Be aware that large gaps in employment, or multiple jobs within a short amount of time, will be something you may be asked about in an interview. If they have openings, they may ask you to either come in to fill out an application or that you send them your resume and cover letter by mail or e-mail.
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Although increased competition has raised the bar for all applicants there are still plenty of options for teens to consider as the school year comes to an end.
The great news for teens: theaters love to hire them to run concession stands, act as ushers and sell tickets. This might take as long as a month for students finishing up school classes so it's important to get the ball rolling soon because new hires are usually picked by Memorial Day.
Applicants usually need little or no experience, making this an easy job to score for a first timer.
There may also be opportunities at smaller or privately owned parks, which often hire applicants as young as 14. Sonic Drive-In is another fast food retailer that's ramped up hiring; it's even posted openings for roller-skating carhops! Check at your local YMCA or elementary school for leads on positions at kids' summer programs. These gigs also have the potential to turn into steady jobs that students can juggle through their final years of high school. The Red Cross's minimum age requirement for certification is 15 but requirements may vary at your local pool, water park, oceanfront or lake.
She is having trouble with paying her rent electricity and gas bill and is always asking my grandmother for money but she is not able to help her a lot. Most of the time my mom my sister my brother and I have to skip on some meals so we have money for rent and other bills.

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