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Average Flexible After School Nanny salaries for job postings in Golden Valley, MN are 12% lower than average Flexible After School Nanny salaries for job postings nationwide.
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Igniting a love for reading is primarily what drives job satisfaction for librarians who work with teens.
We asked librarians to identify the many rewards of their jobs and to pinpoint their top-most satisfaction.
School librarians feel less appreciated by those who hold the purse strings than do public librarians. Just over half of the public librarians surveyed express confidence that library administrators and local community leaders give them the appropriate respect and recognition. Other shared hurdles include ever-present budgetary constraints and increased demand on the library with fewer resources (especially support staff).
Future challenges anticipated by school librarians include adapting to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) proposals, meeting the needs brought by the Common Core State Standards initiative, and the ongoing transition to digital resources and tools. It may be surprising to learn that about three-quarters of school media specialists and half of public librarians working with children chose librarianship as their second, and sometimes third, career. For some, changing positions within a school resulted in an initial drop in respect from faculty and students alike.
Many transplanted school librarians acknowledge they had to work hard and grow into the position, but they are not disappointed.

Public librarians feel far more secure in their jobs overall than do school media specialists (82% of public librarians and 63% of school librarians feel either secure or very secure). Nearly a third of public librarians and one-fifth of school librarians actively searched for a new job in the previous 12 months.
Librarians teaching at the middle or high school level reported higher satisfaction with their jobs than elementary school media specialists (73% and 72% very satisfied or satisfied, respectively, versus 65% very satisfied or satisfied). Nearly one-quarter of media specialists working at the elementary school level divides his or her time between two or more locations (16% work in two locations, 7% work in three or more).
Just over a quarter (29%) of elementary school librarians report that in the last year they were assigned mundane tasks that squander their expertise, compared to 17% of middle school and 20% of high school librarians.
Overall, elementary school librarians are less likely than their secondary school counterparts to believe they get the recognition they deserve from classroom teachers and feel less secure in their jobs.
These resume forms are also made to be flexible so you can easily change what are needed based on your appliance. Public librarians are more likely than their school counterparts to identify them as low salary and problems with management, coworkers, or even library users. Fewer than half feel they get the recognition or respect they deserve from their superintendent or school board.
About three-quarters of public and school librarians say their advancement opportunities are fair to poor.
Thirteen percent gained responsibility for an additional library within the last two years.

Having to perform duties such as administering tests or minding study halls leave elementary school librarians feeling underappreciated.
Twenty-five percent have searched for a new job in the last year, as opposed to 20% of high school and 16% of middle school librarians. SLJ set out to learn more about the motivations and challenges in the profession in a recent national job satisfaction survey of just over 1,000 school and public librarians. On the flip side, lack of respect and recognition, inadequate library funding, and the expectation to perform nonlibrary-related tasks are especially irksome for school librarians. Some had grown tired of the planning, testing, and grading associated with that profession. School librarians with an MLS degree earn significantly more than those without an MLS (median of $58,400 versus $37,500). Only one in ten school librarians reported that their jobs are either not too or not at all secure. Instead, the data suggests that elementary librarian dissatisfaction is tied to being stretched too thin with little or no support staff.

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