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Even though the research points strongly to online social networking for job search, It is still highly beneficial to gain a personal referral from someone who knows what you can do, can vouch for your work ethic and aptitude and make a strong recommendation that you are a strong contender for the role you are targeting.
According to the Jobvite survey, recruiters use mobile devices to post jobs, search for and contact candidates, and forward resumes to colleagues. So, to stay ahead of the competition when job hunting this year pay attention to the big shift to online recruitment via social media and mobile devices, where both companies and job candidates are relying on technology to boost their professional brands and reach out to each other.
Amongst other social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are definitely the three most popular social networking websites that you can use to help your job searching process.

If you plan to only stick to traditional methods to apply for jobs, you may end up without even a look in! At the same time be active on the networks and spend time connecting with your network of friends for maximum job search benefits. Not only jobseekers but employers have begun to recognize the benefits of utilizing social media to find suitable candidates. However, you can search for information on other social networking websites and be informed about the new job openings coming up.

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