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Average The SAN Francisco Foundation salaries for job postings nationwide are 58% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. It was in 2005 that the highly regarded Monitor Institute report declared that the field of community foundations was “On the Brink of New Promise,” and in the decade since, there have been countless working groups and initiatives to introduce innovative approaches to the field. December 4th, 2014 Marjorie Kelly and Violeta Duncan present and discuss the findings of their new Democracy Collaborative report, A New Anchor Mission for a New Century: Community foundations deploying all resources to build community wealth, with experts from the field.
Chip ChandlerAmarillo Globe-News Originally published in the Amarillo Globe-News on November 21, 2014.Amarillo Area Foundation is among 30 community foundations nationwide featured in a new report on nonprofit organizations. Marjorie KellyCSR Wire Originally published in the CSRWire on November 24, 2014.Interest in impact investing is growing more rapidly among community foundations than any other foundation group, reports Peter Berliner of Mission Investors Exchange.
Average Senior Manager Foundation Corporate Giving salaries for job postings in San Francisco, CA are 35% higher than average Senior Manager Foundation Corporate Giving salaries for job postings nationwide.

Heron Foundation Originally published at Veris Wealth PartnersClara’s right.The time is now for community foundations to embrace a new vision that accelerates social progress and rebuilds local wealth. The Democracy Collaborative’s new report, A New Anchor Mission for a New Century, lifts up the work of the “Innovative 30”—community foundations that are leading the way towards this emerging mission. Turns out, it is their ability to help revitalize and rebuild more equitable, sustainable local economies by using their knowledge of their communities to kick start economic development.Across the country, innovative community foundations are finding new ways to deploy all their resources to build community wealth. The Democracy Collaborative’s new report, A New Anchor Mission for a New Century, lifts up the work of 30 such leading community foundations, including West Central Initiative. CERO is a five-member worker-owned cooperative on a mission to encourage composting and create jobs in the hard-up Boston neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester, and East Boston.
To find the answer, we examined a representative group of 30 innovative community foundations, of varying sizes, in various stages of development.

In the process, these foundations are sometimes engaging donors and other investors around how they make investments. Some foundations examined here are doing both economic development and impact investing.Through on-the-ground stories, this report examines the motives guiding this work, as well as the benefits, barriers, strategies employed, and steps involved in getting started.

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