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Average Retail Leasing Executive salaries for job postings in Orange County, CA are 6% lower than average Retail Leasing Executive salaries for job postings nationwide.
Real Overpriced Counties of America: Orange County named most overpriced county in the entire United States. SCE President Pedro Pizarro greets members of Team Orange County at the recent groundbreaking event at Irvine Valley College.
This collaboration is what attracted Christina Yoo, a business administration student from Chapman University, to Team Orange County, one of 17 teams that will compete in the 2015 decathlon.

Here he learned about Team Orange County and the solar decathlon, a biennial international competition.
What cracks me up about the list above is that Orange County is even more overvalued than San Francisco. Only 1 out of 3 California families can afford a home in the state to begin with and this also applies to crazy Orange County. I need to recall the reference but I recall a study that suggested that maximum happiness due to wealth occurs under a salary of 100k.

Congratulations to Orange County for being the most overpriced county in the entire United States.

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