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Average Assistant Plant Manager salaries for job postings in Martinsburg, PA are 7% higher than average Assistant Plant Manager salaries for job postings nationwide. Would be interesting to see before and after salaries (and years of work experience), as the CFA survey could be confusing causality and correlation. After a decade of declining salaries, it’s impossible for them to leap way up to make up for the lost decade. My bet is that tech salaries will drop again, and drop big, there’s nothing in the US economy to sustain increase.
Trust me both rates for consultants have been steadily dropping since 2003, as well as salaries for FTEs.
I agree with Glen above that senior guys having to take low-paying replacement jobs is not only a missing variable, but a near-plague on the whole salary graph.. Programmer’s salaries where wildly inflated to by the Y2K concerns followed closely by the Dot-Nothing boom. While the healthcare workplaces may be shifting, the average salaries within those organizations are surprisingly close.

In analyzing the average salaries by region, there is an average decrease in salary by about 1 percent less than last year’s report. The healthcare industry’s average salaries may not have increased substantially across the board, but more jobs have been created and filled nationwide. Recruiters point out that there are various other banking jobs that will bring in big rewards too.
The graph below, based on figures taken from eFinancialCareers UK on two days this month, suggests the bulk of CFA-related jobs command compensation less than ?80k. Get the weekly Dice Advisor with a digest of freshly posted jobs, tech news headlines & career advice. For those with at least 15 years of experience, there was particularly good news: Their average salaries topped six figures for the first time, growing 4 percent in a year to $103,012. When comparing the average salaries of those working in different settings, there is only about a $6,500 range, with solo and small group practices on the lower end at $42,202 and health systems on the higher end at $48,789, as shown in the Salary by Workplace graph.
It should be noted, however, that 2012 was an exceptionally good year for our average salaries; so good that it proved almost impossible to beat.

However, as the number of people taking the CFA exams has increased and as an increasingly broad range of jobs is associated with CFA qualifications, it may be that the associated level of pay has fallen. Big discrepancies open up between salaries of associates and VPs at top banksSome banks are paying their junior bankers (associates and VPs) salaries that are far, far, higher than others.
Maybe there’s a treasure trove of higher paid CFA jobs hidden on the books of asset management headhunters. I’ve been affected by layoffs, have quit two jobs without a new one waiting, and always manage to find another position and pay my bills.

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