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Brooklyn has gained 78,771 private sector jobs between 2002 and 2012, an increase of over 19 percent. Jammed NYC tech job fair turns away recruiters Crowds -- and recruiting employers -- turned out in big numbers for a packed job fair for NYC startups. Private employment in the Bronx has grown by nearly 13 percent during this time period, creating nearly 23,915 jobs. Once these jobs disappear, firms can be reluctant to expand again if they find, say, two assistants rather than five capable of supporting a floor of managers.

Since the end of 2001 through October 2013, private sector jobs in New York City have grown by more than 406,000, a 13 percent increase, compared to less than five percent growth in the nation. The city's second annual NYC Startup Job Fair, held Friday, drew a packed-to-capacity crowd of both job seekers and those looking to hire them.
In addition, New York City weathered the most recent national recession far better than the United States, regaining 327 percent of the jobs lost from the start of the national recession while the country as a whole has only gained back 87 percent as of October of this year. Private employment in Queen increased by 46,303 - more than 10 percent – and Staten Island added more than 5,400 private jobs, an increase of nearly 7 percent.

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