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A failure to implement fundamental reforms associated with encouraging competitiveness is putting job creation and Europe's long-term economic strategy at risk, finds The Europe 2020 Competitiveness Report: Building a More Competitive Europe, released today by the World Economic Forum.
Published every two years, the report aims to assess the progress of European economies in achieving the goals set by the EU's Europe 2020 strategy to become a smart, inclusive and sustainable society. We have seen divisions, fears and confusion about whether we are re-running May’s General Election or preparing for 2020.

However, one common thread is the need for all nations to build institutional capacity and adopt governance mechanisms that will enable more effective implementation of competitiveness-raising reforms.
The healthcare system is preparing to deal with their medical needs by beefing up staff and furthering diagnostic technology available. Thousands of jobs are being opened up every year in the medical field because of the coming need for care.

Jeremy is the candidate of the Old Left, and they will have few answers for new challenges facing the Labour Party and the country in 2020.

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