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Facebook has aggressive growth plans for the coming years, and the fact is evident from the 1,159 job openings listed on its corporate site. Despite having an impressive growth rate, the workforce at Facebook is leaner when compared to other tech companies. There are 52 job listings in the Oculus virtual reality unit, suggesting that the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset could soon be available for commercial release. Facebook is also making efforts to provide internet access in all parts of the world with the help of drones, therefore, it is also in need of aerospace mechanical technicians, avionics engineers and a flight test manager. Of all the new job listings posted by Facebook, more than 550 are for the company’s Menlo Park headquarters. Facebook then packages your profile information and sends you an e-mail when the profile is ready to download. For sometime I have been using a service to back up my personal profile, but this facility is now available from Facebook for Personal Profiles. Never lose a tagged Photo, Video or Note -even if the original poster removes it from Facebook. How to Download and Backup your Facebook Personal Profile and Facebook Fan Page is an article post from: Biz Growth News.

Once you receive the email, you will have to re-enter your Facebook password and if you are using a public computer or one you do not use regularly, you may also have to solve a friend photo captcha or an SMS captcha via your mobile phone. Unfortunately, the profile didn't include IP addresses or any of the other new categories of information listed in Facebook's upgrade announcement.It takes a while for Facebook to combine your profile data into a downloadable ZIP file and send you an e-mail with the download link. The more people who have access to the information, the less it's worth to the online advertising networks that Facebook and other services sell it to. If you don't have facebook page already you need to create one first if you want to use this feature. ImportantIt might take some time until the jobs from your site are synced with your Facebook page, if you are not seeing any jobs please wait a few hours. LinkedIn’s revenue is only one-fifth of Facebook’s, and despite that, it has more than 5,000 employees. Facebook is also looking for 150 people in data center technology to effectively manage information from its ever-growing membership. The flood of hiring expected to be done by the company itself, as it has listing for at least 43 recruiters and 28 human resources.
Facebook is under pressure to comply with the European Union's stringent privacy regulations, as Kevin J.

Of course I hope that you will never need to put these backups of your Facebook Profile and facebook Page into use. Open the index.html file to view the stripped-down offline version of your Facebook profile, which includes your wall, photos, friends, and messages.
Still, serious regulation of Facebook's use of the data the company collects about its users -- on either side of the Atlantic -- is several years away, although EU citizens have one big edge.European residents can request a copy of all the personal information Facebook stores about them by completing the company's Personal Data Request form. Description: Download Frog Fb Cover for facebook profile cover and tags your friend on the cover.
A free service I have used for sometime to backup my Facebook Profile is called Backupify and they have a free service for social media accounts.
The 880-page report (PDF) that resulted from one such request by the group Europe versus Facebook included applications, friends, activities, and shares.Facebook, Google, and most other big-name Web services make their money by using what they know about their customers to target the ads the companies serve to them through online ad networks.

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