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Average Dump Truck Driver salaries for job postings in Wichita, KS are 11% lower than average Dump Truck Driver salaries for job postings nationwide. In Wichita, advanced industries make up about 15 percent of total employment, the third largest share nationally. In the few years leading up to the recession, Wichita aerospace manufacturers began to see baby boomers head for retirement, and they couldn’t find enough qualified workers to take their place.

View an interactive map showing changes in the presence of advanced industry jobs for the 100 largest metro areas. Advanced industry jobs account for 30 percent of total employment in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., metro area. Aerospace-oriented firms in the Wichita area have clustered geographically, enabling them to share skilled labor, laboratories and local supply chains.

Although they account for just 9 percent of total employment, they directly or indirectly support nearly a quarter of the country’s jobs.

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