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Given the timing of the email chain, it is uncertain if anything Apple TV-related mentioned by Jobs will actually become reality or if that email was purely on-the-fly brainstorming.
Since News channels are big entertainer in the Pakistani TV industry now people are taking this industry seriously due to the salary packages, perks & quarterly Bonuses in media.
City 42 is a city based local news channel, which after financial crisis took a big relief from the then President of Pakistan. The birth of digital terrestrial TV is expected to create nearly 10,000 jobs in all levels of broadcasting in the first year, an industry insider told The Nation.
Most staff will be hired by the 24 commercial digital terrestrial TV channels, while the rest will be recruited by leading production houses and media and creative agencies to support digital TV businesses. After Voice TV grabbed a licence to operate a digital terrestrial TV channel for news programmes, it announced it needed reporters, news anchors, graphic motion designers, co-producers, coordinators, traffic controllers and sales and marketing staff.

Both Voice TV and Spring News TV will soon be transformed into digital terrestrial TV channels.
Panuchai Srinualnad, deputy production director at Si-Phaya Publishing, said that when Daily News TV transformed into a digital terrestrial channel more staff would be added. Nation Multimedia Group chairman Suthichai Yoon said that with the convergence newsroom it would be able to utilise and manage content from its media outlets such as newspapers and two digital TV channels, Nation TV and Now. Apart from those new players, The Nation understands that leading free-to-air broadcasters like Bangkok Broadcasting and Television (BBTV) - the operator of Channel 7 - is also recruiting new employees. The insiders said not only do the digital TV players need new employees but TV production houses were also adding more jobs to meet increasing demand from the new digital free-TV channels. Vachara said that once digital TV arrived, the company would continue working with leading analog free TV stations such as TV5, Channel 7 and Modernine TV.

Since that product’s debut in fall 2010, the only updates to the product were a spring 2012 speed boost with 1080p content streaming, an overhauled user interface, and new content channels. Media got a new height during last few years as News channels has got the popularity due to political polarization in Pakistan.
PPP's top management think that 24 channel will portray their version of Politics in a better way as yet no other channel portray PPP in a positive way.

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