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Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations of RI is here to help you share your skills, knowledge, passion and energy for promoting your profession with other communication, marketing and sales professionals. Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations of RI benefits those who work in the communication industry with the intent to provide a place for sharing ideas and concepts that will enable each member to excel in his or her specific field. In order to do extremely well in PR advertising jobs, a person must possess all the attributes that are essential in this field. A PR person must be totally honest with the media and with the public outside the organization. The PR people must have the ability of identify people and areas where a relationship needs to be established. The best part of Gig is that it gives you access to millions of jobs from across the globe at absolutely NO COST to you. Many people still think that advertising jobs and public relations jobs are unrelated to each other. PR specialist jobs are the hottest seats in the company because you represent the company in the public eye and all eyes are on you in good times and in controversy.

Average CFO Advertising Media Public Relations salaries for job postings in New York, NY are 36% higher than average CFO Advertising Media Public Relations salaries for job postings nationwide.
Whether you are a freelancer or member of a large corporation, you will benefit from the educational events and discussions available through AMP-RI…and you may have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other communication professionals on various projects. While there are certain aspects and technicalities that make both jobs different from each other, essentially the basic premise of both is the same. While advertising is meant to attract the attention of customers, public relations is meant to relate with the customers and address all their inquiries, comments, suggestions, and complaints.
In order to gain a practical outlook, you must take up a PR advertising internship in any of the PR advertising agencies or PR advertising firms. Advertising is mainly public relations by making a product or service look good in the eyes of the public to the point that it is purchased or availed. A PR job means handling all the word-of-mouth from customers in relation to the product and services.
After you are through with your course, when you start finding advertising jobs or PR jobs, you will have an edge above others who have no work experience.

Public relations is advertising by making a brand or company that manufactures the product or offers the service look good in the eyes of the public. Some may come to offer their suggestions and ideas on how to improve the product or service, and you need to listen to these people because a few of them might actually have something the company can use later on.
The media is very powerful and the PR officers should remember that they are being watched all the time.
You can never take these people lightly because they may spread bad news about your company, and this makes the job of a PR specialist even harder.

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