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Best Jobs OverallIt’s somewhat rare for solid growth, good pay, and high concentration to come together, but a few promising jobs have all three (or enough of two that it makes up for not having the third).
The table below compares the over-the-month change in total nonfarm and private sector jobs in the United States and New York State in August-September 2015. The table that follows compares the over-the-year change in total nonfarm and private sector jobs that occurred in the United States, New York State and metro areas within the State between September 2014 and September 2015. The table below compares the over-the-year change in jobs by major industry sector in New York State occurring between September 2014 and September 2015.
Private educational and health services added the most jobs (+54,800) of any major industry sector over the past year. Professional and business services had the second largest increase in jobs (+30,300) between September 2014 and September 2015. Over the past 12 months, government lost more jobs (-2,400) than any other major industry sector in New York. For New York State, during the week that included September 12, 2015, there were 117,983 people (including 107,617 who live in the State) who received benefits under the regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) program.
New York State residents who received Unemployment Insurance benefits made up 22% of the total unemployed in the State in September 2015.

Labor force statistics, including the unemployment rate, for New York and every other state are based on statistical regression models specified by the U.
Approximately $13.4 million was recaptured from firms for not being in compliance with their agreements with the Empire State Development Corporation, (see Table 1). With that caveat and due to weak transparency on the state level, GJNY finds that a concise figure of job impacts remains elusive. Bureau of Labor Statistics, using a statistical regression model that primarily uses the results of the Current Population Survey, which contacts approximately 3,100 households in New York State each month.
Losses in local government (-2,900) and state government (-500) offset a gain in federal government (+1,000). Nearly all the applications we reviewed warned that the firms were considering moving their facilities to neighboring states; many said they might remain elsewhere in the city.
For companies to move or expand operations and create jobs, access to workforce, transportation and infrastructure, and a cluster of like-minded businesses guide location decisions more than taxes. In early 2012, Fresh Direct started a bidding war between New York City and New Jersey officials when it threatened to leave its current home in Long Island City, Queens.
JCRP, which is administered by the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) and its subsidiary the Lower Manhattan Development (LMDC) Corporation, has awarded about $304 million in Community Development Block Grants to 91 companies.

The redevelopment of the 130 Liberty Street site has hit several bumps, including the need for the negotiation skills of former US Senator George Mitchell to forge an agreement with the various interests (Deutsche Bank, New York State via the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and insurers).
This job count corroborates data we received from ESDC that tallies job totals for both agencies, approximately doubling the jobs cited in the HUD report. As in the rest of the state, physicians & surgeons in NYC have surprisingly high concentration.#8.
The federal government calculates New York’s unemployment rate based partly upon the results of the Current Population Survey, which contacts approximately 3,100 households in New York State each month.
In New York State, payroll jobs data by industry come from a monthly survey of 18,000 business establishments. Jobs data by industry do not include agricultural workers, the self-employed, unpaid family workers or domestic workers in private households.
Bear in mind: because of the time lag in federal and state releases, our most recent annual average job numbers are still estimates.

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