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Average New York City Council salaries for job postings nationwide are 5% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. Average New York City Mission Society salaries for job postings nationwide are 27% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.
Conclusion: A Look at Different Data MetricsTo conclude, here’s a comparison of data metrics from a few sources for the “marketing managers” occupation in the New York City metro area.
The purpose of this article is to distinguish between real-time LMI and traditional employment data, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of job-posting and resume data, and discuss how regional data analysis is bolstered when the short- and long-term perspectives are taken into consideration.In some ways, it’s the new frontier.

This is a fairly small occupation compared to, say, office clerks or registered nurses, but it’s large enough to give us a sense of the disparity in labor market statistics depending on the source.EMSI estimates 516 yearly openings – a combination of new and replacement jobs – for marketing managers in the New York City area. This has been facilitated by new technology that allows easier and more comprehensive access to the information. Already, some organizations have started using the data to help match the skills of the unemployed with available jobs, or to help training providers set up nimbler short-term educational programs to address immediate community needs.The need for intelligence that will lead to better training programs is clear. In a major metro like New York, the amount of movement from one job to a similar job in any given month can be staggering.

Because of this, churn data is not as worthwhile for training providers to analyze as new and replacement job statistics.Nevertheless, there’s more to look at than just openings or postings. The Occupation Employment Statistics (OES) program, one of the BLS’ sources for occupation statistics, shows an employment estimate for marketing managers in the New York City area of 14,470 as of May 2010, the most recent data available.

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