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Most New York City government jobs are part of the “competitive class” in which applicants are required to take and pass a civil service examination as part of the hiring process. Civil service exams are offered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). For all other exams, applicants must apply several months before the test date, during what is known as the filing period. Preliminary Annual Civil Service Exam Schedule – View the preliminary schedule for exams the City plans to offer this year. Notices of Examination Archive – View Notices of Examination for previously offered open competitive exams to learn more about titles for which exams have been offered in the past and their associated requirements. If you have already taken an exam, you can call (212) 669-1357 for automated information about the exam or your list status. The City of New York offers its employees excellent opportunities to pursue rewarding careers.
City internship and fellowship programs introduce students and recent graduates to public service. Graduating senior Dan Radion, shown on the grand staircase at the University of Washington’s Suzzallo Library, is moving to New York City this summer, armed with a degree in computer engineering and a job. Graduating UW senior Jessica Ramirez will get a bachelor’s degree in American ethnic studies but has no job yet.
While employers plan to hire more graduates and Seattle’s jobless rate is down to 4.3 percent, the state unemployment rate remains above pre-recession levels.

Vivian Yu, a 21-year-old computer-science major at the University of Washington, is graduating this June with a job already lined up — and four other offers she turned down.
Jessica Ramirez, a UW American ethnic studies major with a concentration in labor studies who is also graduating next month, is having a tougher go of it. She’s looking for a job in the labor or social-justice fields but is finding few good opportunities that pay more than $15 to $17 an hour. The state unemployment rate fell for the second month in a row in April — down to 5.5 percent, according to preliminary seasonally adjusted figures released Wednesday by the state Employment Security Department. Paul Turek, state labor economist, expects the economic expansion to continue for another two years, bringing with it more jobs and lower unemployment rates.
Indeed, the unemployment rate for young college and high-school graduates has not recovered to 2007 levels, according to the liberal Economic Policy Institute (EPI). She has experience volunteering with a local union and has helped conduct research for a UW project on the history of the minimum wage. She’s hoping to find a job in the field to focus where her interests lie before eventually applying for graduate school in either biology or chemistry. Many of her friends, she said, have also not yet found jobs in their areas of study or interest.
At the UW, the number of job and internship postings last month was up 12.5 percent from a year earlier, and up nearly 42 percent from April 2013, said Emma O’Neill-Myers, the career center’s assistant director for employer relations.
Within the UW’s highly ranked computer-science and engineering program, many of the graduating students had lined up jobs by last fall.

For Yu, the comp-sci major who fielded five job offers last fall, it wasn’t landing a job that was difficult. Dan Radion, a 21-year-old UW computer-engineering major, also fielded about five job offers before deciding to work for New York City-based Analytics Media Group starting in July. The clerical associate and the sanitation worker may both take and pass their tests, but they may have to wait several months or more before a position becomes available and they are contacted for an interview. For example, in instances where an agency must fill vacant positions in order to continue some of its critical services, but no eligible list currently exists for that title, that agency is permitted to consider and appoint a qualified individual provisionally. It also estimated the underemployment rate — including those working part time who want full-time jobs and those who’ve given up actively seeking work — at 14.9 percent for young college graduates and 37 percent for young high-school graduates.
And 60 percent of the respondents found jobs related to their field of study, an increase from 53 percent the year before. If you do not own or have access to a computer with Internet access, you may visit one of the Application Centers and use one of our computers dedicated for use by the public to submit applications online.
For example, a clerical associate and a sanitation worker will both need to take an exam before being hired by the City, but they will each take a different test.

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