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Employers and recruiters using social media, especially LinkedIn, will not be news to many people. Give it another year or two, and I honestly think we'll start seeing a far larger number of companies and businesses advertising their jobs on their own websites and driving traffic to them via Twitter and Facebook (but mainly Twitter, I think).
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Average School Library Media Specialist salaries for job postings in New London, CT are 6% higher than average School Library Media Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. I've worked in a variety of industries and now manage an SEO team in a London media agency.

As a job seeker, I find this all really interesting, especially seeing the statistics on how many people are using social media channels in their job search. I think we'll see the death of the more "traditional" jobs boards within a couple of years, as everyone eventually migrates to using free and more effective social media channels.
On your last point I think that job boards will need to evolve with the times and make sure that they are marketing themselves and their jobs in the right way on behalf of their clients, or your prediction may well come true. Among those using social media to look for jobs, 30% of business leaders said they would look on LinkedIn. The figures from the infographic below show that people are using social media as well as, not instead of more 'traditional media' (if you can call a recruitment website traditional).These websites, or 'job boards' are the most popular places for Londoners to look, with 67% of those surveyed citing them as source for job vacancies.

This would suggest that employers need to be looking to social media in addition to advertising their roles as they have done before.

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