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Jobs for Delaware Graduates provides programs to at-risk middle high school students at 23 Delaware high schools. The JDG high school curriculum is well balanced and affords each student participant the opportunity to grow his or her skill set and knowledge base. In addition to regular classroom experiences, JDG participating students belong to a student organization called the Delaware Career Association (DCA). You can help Jobs for Delaware Graduates accomplish our mission through tax-deductible donations. All of Delaware's 138,000 students deserve a world-class education that allows them to choosetheir life's course.
The primary mission of the the Jobs for Delaware Graduates Middle School Program is to help 7th & 8th grade students transition more successfully from middle grades to high school.

As a result of the JDG program, middle school School participants will improve their skills in leading and being effective team members. The current JDG Middle School Curriculum is based on seven modules in 7th grade and six modules in 8th grade. Specialists maintain contact with students transitioning into the 9th grade, and they work with their students to help the student stay connected and engaged in high school.
The Delaware Career Association (DCA) of Jobs for Delaware Graduates is a student organization that was established to provide JDG students with opportunities to associate with other JDG members in their schools and in their communities throughout the state and at the national level. Review Data from the 2013 TELL Delaware Survey and be ready to share your thoughts in 2016. Specialists provide an array of counseling, skills development, career association, and experiential learning experiences that will improve participating students’ academic performance, school behavior, attendance, confidence, participation, and self-esteem.

Students also participate in activities to enhance their transition to high school, including visiting high schools, shadowing high school students, attending sessions with guest speakers, participating in high school scavenger hunts, and attending sporting and musical events.
He is a graduate of the University of Delaware and has his M.Ed in school counseling from Wilmington University.

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