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Irene Schwartz recruits and trains workers for full-time jobs, paid vacation and benefits included, assembling U.S. On this particular shop floor in Kensington, Brooklyn, more than three quarters of the employees are blind.
Unfortunately, many of the jobs suitable for the vision-impaired require at least a college education because “most technological adaptations for the workplace, such as talking computer software, have been developed for college graduates,” says Irfan Hasan, program officer at The Trust. Zawadi Morris is an award-winning journalist and a Chicago native who moved to Brooklyn in 1997.

Your favorite daily online local news-zine for Central Brooklyn residents has gotten a facelift! Manufacturing jobs at New York City Industries for the Blind don’t require higher education, but that doesn’t make them easy. A Trust grant of $125,000 helped Irene and her team recruit, hire, and train 45 people to fill these jobs.
The Brooklyn Tabernacle was planned to be erected in Brooklyn to accommodate the congregation of Dr.

Morris launched The Brooklyn Reader, an online news source covering the neighborhoods of Central Brooklyn.C.

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