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Melissa Kissoon, 19 years old, is one of the tens of thousands of teenagers and college students who have had little luck in the city's labor market. Bruce Rojas, left, and Francisco Lahoz at Make the Road, a youth-advocacy organization in Brooklyn. Lesley Hirsch, a labor-market economist at City University of New York's Center for Urban Research, argues that teens are caught in a work force restructuring.
Note to our teen readers: For safety reasons, please don't post your email address in the comments section. Also my parents are divorced and my dad doesn't give us any money for help So please help me I want to show them I have matured into a fine young lady and that I can handle myself after I get old enough to move out so please please please help me find a job.
Hi, I'm Joshua, I'm 14 years old and looking for a job to save up money for collage and I can do any job for 6 hours Monday to Saturday during the summer and 1-2 hours during the school year. By her own count, the New York City College of Technology student has applied for more than 80 jobs.
Manager Altijana Frljuckic said about half of the applicants for four open positions have been over 25 years old. The summer apprentice program is a joint program of the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership and the Alice Mann Center of Emmanuel Baptist Church. Hardcopy applications will also be available at local library branches, including the Brooklyn Public Library’s Walt Whitman branch, located at 93 St. But if you're a job hunting teenager or the parent of one, don't let this news discourage you. Food service work is a common first job for high schoolers and a great place to gain people skills.

Parents are always looking to keep their young children occupied in the summer while they are away at work, creating a great need for counselors. Chanel Pinkston, 19, from Brooklyn, took a semester off from nursing school earlier this year to find work and save for tuition.
In interviews, some city shopkeepers with the sorts of jobs that might have seemed ideal for students on summer furloughs—cashiers, retail clerks, delivery positions—acknowledged a surplus of experienced applicants.
Andrew Cuomo launched a Youth Work Program that allocated $62 million for job training and offered employers $25 million in tax credits for hiring young workers. Although increased competition has raised the bar for all applicants there are still plenty of options for teens to consider as the school year comes to an end. The great news for teens: theaters love to hire them to run concession stands, act as ushers and sell tickets. This might take as long as a month for students finishing up school classes so it's important to get the ball rolling soon because new hires are usually picked by Memorial Day. Applicants usually need little or no experience, making this an easy job to score for a first timer. To make your search a little easier, we've compiled a list of companies and industries that are teen-friendly and ready to hire. Sonic Drive-In is another fast food retailer that's ramped up hiring; it's even posted openings for roller-skating carhops! Check at your local YMCA or elementary school for leads on positions at kids' summer programs. Teens can work in a variety of roles ranging from ticket attendant to rides or games operator to working at a food stand.

In 2009, flush with cash from federal stimulus spending, the program subsidized about 50,000 summer jobs—some 20,000 more than were available this year. These gigs also have the potential to turn into steady jobs that students can juggle through their final years of high school. The Red Cross's minimum age requirement for certification is 15 but requirements may vary at your local pool, water park, oceanfront or lake. She is having trouble with paying her rent electricity and gas bill and is always asking my grandmother for money but she is not able to help her a lot. Those cuts and other funding problems forced Make the Road, a youth-advocacy organization in Brooklyn, to drastically reduce its summer hiring.
Most of the time my mom my sister my brother and I have to skip on some meals so we have money for rent and other bills. Her dead-end hunt since then left her unemployed for the summer months, when she needs to save money to pay for her studies. Director Santy Zambrano said in recent summers the organization has hired 30 teens with its own budget and another 10 through the city's program. The popular jobs program received 132,000 applications this year for fewer than 30,000 temporary positions subsidized by taxpayers.

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