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A new San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan document has been posted, providing a 30-year assessment of habitat management and covered monitoring efforts on the mountain.
San Bruno Mountain Park is a landmark of local and regional significance, standing as a unique open-space island in the midst of the peninsula's urbanization at the northern end of the Santa Cruz Mountain Range.
Volunteer with the SSF Weed Warriors to save critical grasslands on San Bruno Mountain's southern slope.
Almost two-thirds of America’s natural gas pipelines — including the 30-inch main that exploded last week in San Bruno, Calif.

As the years have gone by without needed upgrades, “neighborhoods have grown and sprawled over these gas pipes,” said Jim Hall, former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, which is in charge of the San Bruno investigation because the federal pipeline bureaucracy is part of the Transportation Department. Search and rescue teams escort a cadaver dog through a destroyed San Bruno neighborhood on Sunday. A for sale sign is shown in front of three San Bruno homes that were destroyed in the explosion. But PG&E President Chris Johns said at a news conference that the entire 51-mile segment of pipeline that included the faulty main in San Bruno couldn’t be inspected with pigs because of its twisty configuration.

While federal law calls for pigging whenever possible, “various geometrical and geographical constraints” — like the terrain through which the San Bruno pipe ran — can make pigs unusable.
The 2,326 acres of rugged landscape offer excellent hiking opportunities and outstanding views of San Francisco and Central Bay Area.

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