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If you do ultimately hire a PC Professor student or alumni, let us know immediately and we will promptly send you a complimentary $245 training voucher for the software application training class of your choice.
For those of us who’ve had to enter the digital grind that is applying for jobs in the 21st century, we know it ain’t easy.
More than 200,000 people got hired in May, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report released on Friday. This sector added 55,000 jobs in May, on par with its average monthly gain over the last 12 months. 16,000 folks found jobs here in May, higher than the 9,000 per month average over the last 12 months.

If you’re getting ready to drop your pack and hang up your boots, here are a few industries that are hiring vets.
This booming industry added 34,000 jobs in May, including 23,000 in ambulatory health care services (physicians’ offices, outpatient care centers, home health care services, etc.) and 7,000 in hospitals. Jobs included 7,000 each in computer systems and design and related services, and in management and technical consulting.
Jobs, a national magazine that helps transitioning service members pursue civilian careers and educational opportunities. But hey, that’s the job market in this day and age: plenty of qualified people chomping at the bit to work are all gunning for jobs that are scarce.

For example, I wouldn’t put my old high school restaurant jobs on my writing resume, but I would for film production if I was looking to work on a film set because it showed I was used to working long hours and staying on my feet. A certain amount of talent is needed to get hired for any position, but if you know someone at a company or in the field you’re pursuing then find a tactful way to pick their brain. 5 Best Certifications for High-Paying Jobs Without a Degree 5 Rules Every Transitioning Vet Needs to Know About How to Negotiate a Job Offer 5 Different Types of Jobs in Agriculture for Veterans 5 High-Paying Non-Desk Jobs That You Will Actually Have Fun Doing!

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