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TweetEmailThe field of social work in Canada is a fairly extensive one and it encompasses several careers. The child welfare worker is probably what most people think of when they hear of the profession. As this type of social worker, you will often need to visit homes of problematic families, perhaps several times a day.
This can often be a difficult job for many, as very few parents are ever willing to part with their children, even when they are treating them badly or with neglect. Yet another career path presents itself in the form of a regular agency worker, where you will take clients looking for welfare and aid on a daily basis. There are other, less commonly-known areas of work for a social worker, including a mental health worker that works in clinical settings. Social workers help individuals, couples, families, groups, communities and organizations develop the skills and resources they need to enhance social functioning and provide counselling, therapy and referral to other supportive social services. Social workers may specialize in fields of practice such as child welfare, family services, corrections, gerontology or addictions. Social Workers are employed by hospitals, school boards, social service agencies, child welfare organizations, correctional facilities, community agencies, employee assistance programs and Aboriginal band councils, or they may work in private practice. Social workers with graduate degrees have the option to pursue social planning or research activities, and those with doctorates sometimes take faculty positions in colleges and universities where they teach or conduct research. Full-time social workers usually receive benefits, such as paid sick days and vacation time, and dental coverage. Although most social workers have a standard 40 hour workweek they may be required to work some evenings and weekends to meet with clients or attend public meetings affecting the community.

Graduates of social work programs outside of Canada must determine if their credentials will be recognized in British Columbia.
You can use directories to produce lists of employers who work in the social work sector in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland.
In Canada, employers usually expect to receive a resume (curriculum vitae) and a cover letter that identifies the position you are applying for and summarizes your relevant experience. Evaluates formal for-credit educational programs for people who have studied in other provinces or countries and determines comparable levels in British Columbian and Canadian terms.
However, you can expect your job as a social worker to revolve around helping others and giving back to your community in one of several this article now!
Child welfare workers are a type of social worker who is dedicated to ensuring the proper development of children by placing them in the correct environment. You could work as a type of rehabilitation officer, wherein you are tasked with helping former inmates find their way back into society and become a productive member of it. You will need to assess which of them need aid most and weed out any people potentially wanting to scam the institution for freebies.
There will be no shortage of exciting careers and opportunities to help people once you have your social work diploma – from there on it will just be a matter of finding the right job position for you, and one that will allow you to give your best.
The majority of social workers work in the health and social services industry or in the public administration industry (government).
Social workers with the “government or its agencies, a health authority, a municipality, school board, Indian Band, or a university or college” are exempt from this requirement. However, it’s a necessary step for them to mature into healthy young adults, meaning that child welfare workers must have emotional control and the ability to detach themselves and see the situation objectively.

Social workers assist in other social needs and issues such as unemployment, racism and poverty. Some social workers are self-employed, offering counselling, consultative and other services directly to the public or to workplaces on a fee-for-service basis, or contracting their services to organizations. They are employed by hospitals, school boards, social service agencies, child welfare organizations, correctional facilities, community agencies, employee assistance programs and Aboriginal band councils, or they may work in private practice.
Graduates who have work experience, and build on that work experience with further education, are in higher demand in their fields (for example, youth services, psychiatric social work, geriatric social work). Earnings for social workers in private practice depend on a number of factors including number of clients, clients’ ability to pay, and availability of government funding. Additional training may be required to work in certain areas of social work, such as child protection. In Canada this means a social work program accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work. Registration with a provincial governing body is mandatory to practice as a social worker in Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta.

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