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Some 113 companies or individuals affiliated with 18 well-known city developers made the contributions to the PAC, called Jobs For New York, which was created to advance a pro-growth political agenda for the city, according to records filed this week with the New York State Board of Elections. Jobs for New York has reportedly said that unions were also supporting the cause, but the donor list did not reveal any as of the latest filing in July.
Nearly all the firms had a residential component to their business, although some such as Newmark & Company and SL Green Realty are focused on commercial real estate. In addition, there were two main levels for contributors, one at $425,000 and a lower level at exactly half that, or $212,500.
Real estate firms have long fretted that once the pro-development Mayor Michael Bloomberg is out of office, a new mayor and City Council could turn away from his agenda and raise the cost of doing business in the city.
A spokesperson for Jobs for New York was not immediately available for comment, but the group has said in the past that it plans to contribute to City Council races.
Jobs for New York expects to raise between $7 million and $10 million for the 2013 election cycle, Crain’s reported yesterday in a story listing many of the PAC’s donors.

The political action committee backed by the city’s strongest landlord organization, the Real Estate Board of New York, has doled out more for City Council candidates than most of them spent on their own behalf, a review of campaign filings by The Real Deal reveals. The PAC has thrown its heaviest support — in the form of independent expenditures — behind candidates such as Sara Gonzalez, running for reelection to represent neighborhoods with booming development such as Red Hook and Sunset Park; and Vanessa Gibson, who is running for a seat that includes the South and West Bronx.
The PAC has spent $167,341 during this 2013 campaign cycle on behalf of Gonzalez, about double the $83,589 that her campaign alone has spent so far; and $122,726 on behalf of Gibson, who has spent just $64,556 on her own behalf. Virtually all the money was spent on printed campaign literature either for mailing or for handing out, city campaign records show. The law allows big real estate players such as Brookfield Office Properties, the Durst Organization and Fisher Brothers to each contribute $425,000 to Jobs For New York this year, as The Real Deal reported.
In contrast, Laurie Cumbo, who had received at least $79,715 in independent assistance from Jobs For New York during her quest for a Brooklyn seat covering the gentrifying Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods, asked the group on July 29 to stop spending on her behalf, the campaign said in a statement to The Real Deal.
The Parkside Group, in turn, has reported spending $1.34 million of its revenues as independent expenditures in 14 City Council races, mostly for mailers and palm cards.

Correction: A previously published version of the chart accompanying this article incorrectly identified Manuel Caughman as a candidate for a council seat in Brooklyn. I just got a mailing from Jobs for New York slinging mud at council candidate Cliff Stanton. So far, the group has doled out $1.34 million to candidates in 14 City Council races, data from the New York City Campaign Finance Board reveals.
In fact, he is running for City Council District 27, representing neighborhoods such as St.
It is simply more of the same: backroom deals and cronyism, resulting in an erosion of neighborhood public space and big profits for developers.

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