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Majors in Hospitality and Restaurant Management emphasize the combination of management and restaurant skills. Culinary specialists that seek to enhance their overall grasp on the industry might choose a restaurant management course of study at one of the fine culinary institutions operated by Le Cordon Bleu. The Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago is one of the most widely known schools in its field.
In addition to the traditional culinary degrees and certificates, Southeast Culinary and Hospitality College offers a Bartending Certificate that will be taught in an actual bar in the area. With the Advanced Beverage Service Management, you will learn wine and beer basics, the origin and styles of liquor products, proper food and beverage pairing to recommend to your customer as well as a course in building your own beverage business. There are so many different schools that provide training for the culinary field that we can’t possibly list them all here. Most schools require that applicants have at least a GED in order to apply for their curriculum. The Hospitality and Restaurant Management major, regardless of school, covers some common curriculum.
A degree in hospitality and restaurant management can give you leverage when it comes time to look for a job.

Job help might make the difference for students who complete a certificate or degree program, so it should be considered when choosing a school. Food Service ManagersAs of 2012, the National Association of Colleges and Employers reported hospitality management majors who become food service managers have an average starting salary of $39,500 per year.
Lodging ManagersAs of 2012, hotel and resort managers with a bachelor's degree in hospitality services management reported an average starting salary of $38,000 per year to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Job OutlookA job in hospitality management often requires several years of industry work experience before being considered for the position.
The Houston Chronicle is the premier local news provider for the country's 4th largest city. A wide variety of closely related undergraduate majors including culinary arts, baking and pastry, as well as business, leisure and recreation would be good fits for the industry. Emphasis is on conveying a broad understanding of the industry and as a hospitality AND restaurant manager it becomes your job to marry both components. An advanced hospitality degree is required for advancement to the position of food and beverage director.
However, the highest-paying state for this occupation was in Nevada, where they averaged $70,910 per year.

For example, restaurant managers are often chosen among waitstaff of front desk workers, while lodging managers are often culled from hotel clerks and assistant managers.
During this time, he founded and edited a short-lived literary magazine, received several prizes for his poetry and published a master's thesis on Cambodian history. Upper level jobs pay more, so climbing the ladder with a degree under your belt gives you a tactical advantage over your contemporaries.
As a result, travel and hospitality managers spend time training and overseeing their employees, make hiring and firing decisions, and spend time with customers. While the BLS expects the American economy to add jobs at a rate of 14 percent through 2020, jobs for lodging managers are expected to grow at a much slower rate of 8 percent, while food service management jobs are expected to decline by 3 percent. International flexibility is a hallmark of well-traveled chefs who are sought out for employment on cruise ships and in other international environments.
Hotel and restaurant managers often prepare for their careers by studying hospitality and tourism in college.

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