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As a 16 year you are going to need to own many new things that actually require spending money.
For whatever reason you decide to get a job this young, you need to give yourself a pat on the back. Here is this site, we have a list of the jobs that a sixteen year old can take on and which they stand a very good chance getting. This is a job that pays well and if the children you are babysitting are sweet, then this is simply the job to go for.
Standard restaurants are ever looking for a person to wash the dishes, grill burgers, prepare sandwiches or waiting the tables.
By looking for jobs for 16 year olds you present yourself with a great chance of having a truly successful career in future. Some of the things that you might need cash for include paying off your tuition fees, saving for some item you wish to own or just to spend so as to avoid over relying on your parents. Even though the US laws give a provision for jobs for 16 year olds, the number of hours and the days that one can work are really restricted.

When you succeed in doing the job right for the first few nights you could even continue doing your homework or watching TV in the following weeks. Even though the job is tiring at times it involves simple tasks such as checking emails and running small errands, walking the dog, checking the papers for a teacher or mowing lawns among others. Most of these stores which include the grocery, general stores and sports equipment stores have jobs for 16 year olds. Asking for a job at the movie theater is likely to be the best thing to do when you are a teen. Play your cards wisely; graduating is your primary goal and it would be unwise to compromise your education for the sake of a part-time job. The next most common occupation for 16-year-old females was food counter, fountain, and related occupations, at 14 percent.Of the young males with employee jobs, 14 percent worked as cooks. Among female students, the proportion with an employee job was 60 percent, while among male students the proportion was slightly lower (57 percent).Students in Grade 11 were considerably more likely to work for an employer during the school year than those in Grade 10. Well, the best way to earn some extra money is to have a job and the first step is always to look for a job.

A job at this age however, might prove to be a tall order but there are several that are out there just waiting for you. There is also a stereotype believe that the youth are not very good when it comes to paying attention or staying focused for long.
There are times that you are forced to sleep at two in the morning or wake up at four in the morning because the kids just can’t sleep. Some of the jobs that are available here besides being a cashier include being a bagger or even a stocker. The next most common job for 16-year-old males was stock handlers and baggers, at 11 percent.Data on the employment experience and other characteristics of youths are a product of the National Longitudinal Surveys program. Much as this might be true, they are forgetting that you are energetic and a fast learner and the good news is that only a minority of workers are like that.

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